How to Find (and Use!) the Best Social Media Fitness Accounts

Pump Up Your Workouts With Social Media Fitness

If I were a betting person, I would bet you have a social media account or two. And I'd also bet that at least some of your friends have the habit of sharing food pics or workout plans to their accounts.

The reality is, everyone who eats healthfully or exercises becomes an instant "fitness expert" when they share their experiences to social media. Unfortunately, most of these individuals have never taken a class or or been through a certifying program that makes them an actual expert. Rather than wade through the masses of self-proclaimed gurus to find the highest-quality accounts, follow the experts I've included below and check out my tips for making the most of social media fitness.

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Best Instagram Accounts for Workout Tips and Routines

Best Fitness Instagram Accounts
Laura Williams

Tired of butt shots (#belfies) and never-ending abs? These Instagram accounts keep it real by focusing on workouts, healthy living and motivational tips. Give them a follow today!

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Best YouTube Accounts for Workouts

YouTube Fitness Workouts
Getty Images/Westend61

If you want to follow free, full-length workout videos, look no further than YouTube. These 10 YouTubers have a little something for everyone - high intensity workouts, yoga, barre and Pilates. Subscribe for your chance to cut back on gym expenses and workout at home.

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Best Pinterest Accounts for Fresh Workouts and Fitness Tips

Fit Bottomed Girls Pinterest
Pinterest Screenshot

There are lots of fitness and workout pins on Pinterest, but to get the best-of-the-best, you have to follow the most influential fitness accounts. The 10 accounts included in this article were provided with input directly from Pinterest (with a few stellar accounts added by yours truly), so you know they're actually the best.

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How to Use Pinterest to Maximize Your Workout

Pinterest Workout
Getty Images/JGI/Jamie Grill

So you're following great pinners and you've pinned a few pins, but how do these translate to actual workouts? Use these tips to maximize your Pinterest workout experience, whether you're exercising at home or the gym.

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20 Great Workout Pins You Should Pin Today

Pinterest Workouts
Laura Williams

Need a few well-rounded workout pins to get your workout board started on Pinterest? I searched high and low to find 20 great pins. These workouts were developed by experts, provide high-quality images and target every muscle group in a variety of exercise formats. Go ahead and get pinning!

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Best Twitter Accounts for Fitness Tips and Motivation

Twitter has the ability to deliver fitness motivation and workout tips in 140 characters or less. While you generally won't get full workouts (unless there's an external link or a live feed to Periscope), you can get bite-sized tidbits of inspiration when you follow these 10 accounts.

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How to Use Periscope for Live Workouts and Fitness Routines

Periscope for Fitness
Getty Images/Dave and Les Jacobs/Kolostock

Periscope is Twitter's live-streaming video service providing as-it-happens video to those who tune in. The service is still new, and it lacks some of the searchable features of other social platforms, so finding live workouts can be a bit tricky. This article teaches you how to find high-quality fitness and workout accounts and learn how to discover live workouts on your own.

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8 New Fitness Apps Worth a Download

New Fitness Apps
Getty Images

While not all apps are social, a few of these new fitness apps provide a medium for working out and social media. Check out slides 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8 to discover some of the best new social platforms for workout enthusiasts.

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