Solution-Focused Coping: Benefits and Strategies

Specific Benefits of Solution-Focused Coping

Confidence and solution-focused coping can relieve stress.
Using solution-focused coping with confidence can eliminate stress in your life. Sam Edwards/Caiaimage/Getty Images

Definition: Solution-focused coping strategies can be quite effective for stress management. Whereas emotion-focused coping strategies zero in on ways to minimize the emotional distress that comes from facing different stressors in one's life, solution-focused coping strategies center on changing the stressors that are causing the distress. In this way, eliminating the stressors eliminates the stress they bring as well.

Solution-focused coping can't be used in every situation--it isn't always possible to eliminate all sources of stress. For example, some on-the-job stressors like difficult co-workers, a long commute, or a heavy workload, are simply part of the job; quitting the job may bring more stress than these issues bring. Other stressors, like challenging projects, or even reasonable deadlines, keep things challenging enough to be interesting; if you eliminated all stressors, you would miss what it is that keeps life interesting. (Read about eustress to learn more about this.)  However, cutting out the stressors that bring the greatest wear and tear, the stressors that keep your stress response triggered and contribute to chronic stress, can be a valuable way to keep life enjoyable rather than overwhelming. By learning strategies to deal with the difficult co-workers, make the commute more enjoyable, or make the workload manageable, you can cut down on the stress of the job.

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Also Known As: Solution-Based Coping