Solutions for Men Who Need Chest Support

Is There A Sports Bra for Men?

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A bouncing chest can be as unpleasant for men with male breast enlargement as it is for women. It can be embarrassing to talk about and to try to find solutions when your man boobs hurt. What can men do when they need chest support for walking, running or exercising? Is there a sports bra for men?

You are not alone: Many men have some chest development, whether muscle, fat or glandular tissue (gynecomastia).

Weight gain and advancing years can create support problems, with your chest sagging and bouncing.

Men may be reluctant to turn to the solutions women use, such as a sports bra. They want the equivalent of a sports bra for men, with styling that doesn't look like a female sports bra. And many want, in all cases, to avoid being found shopping for a sports bra.

Symptoms: A bouncing chest is unpleasant and may be painful. Some men may simply give up activities that lead to the bounce rather than seeking solutions. Nipple chafing may occur in men and women of any chest size.

Solutions for Men Who Need Chest Support

Chest Binders: and Morris Designs have chest binders and compression vests for men. These have the advantage of being styled for men and marketed for men, lessening embarrassment in shopping for them and wearing them. Some are partial-torso designs that cover the breast area, while others are full-torso designs.

They look like regular undershirts. 

SPANX for Men: The company that brought new popularity to female shapewear also has male shapewear. They have tank and t-shirt compression and core performance designs. The designs also provide stomach shaping in addition to chest compression.

Wearing these won't cause comment as they are full-torso designs that look like regular undershirts. Look for sweat-wicking fabric for exercise rather than cotton.

Ace Bandage: Wind an elastic bandage around your chest a few times to provide flattening and support. Be sure it isn't so tight as to restrict your breathing. The problem with this solution is that the fit and effect will likely be different each time rather than consistent.

Spandex or Lycra Tops: Find a close-fitting top in stretchy fabric such as lycra or spandex that will provide flattening and support.

Shimmel: A shimmel is a full-torso supportive, close-fitting top that provides chest support while not screaming "sports bra."

Find a Plus-Size Sports Bra: If a man decides a sports bra is the only answer, he may have difficulty finding one large enough to fit around his chest. There are some specialty plus-size sportswear companies that have what you need. The Junonia has a variety of styles of plus size bras.

The risk is that they might be spotted beneath your t-shirt, which could be embarrassing.

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