Songs About Summer for Preschoolers

Celebrate those lazy, hazy crazy days with these hot tunes!

Pail and shovel in the sand
Summer is always a fun time for families. Celebrate all things hot with these songs about summer for preschoolers. forst747/stock.xchng

School is out, the sun is hot, and life is just a little bit more relaxed. It's summertime!  From picnics to barbecues, from hitting the beach to playing games in the backyard, summer definitely lends itself to plenty of fun-filled family time. Help your preschooler welcome in June, July, August, and September with some of these fun songs about summer. 

Singing songs about summer (and all the seasons -- click here for songs about winter and spring) is not only a great way to teach your little one about the change in seasons, but helps them to learn about the different characteristics that each season is associated with.

Singing is also a great way to build a preschooler's vocabulary -- even if a child doesn't understand every word he is singing right now, using words correctly in context will help them to learn as they go along.

Summer’s Here

(sung to the tune of “Frere Jacques”)

Days are longer, sunshine’s stronger.
Summer’s here! Summer’s here!
Lets jump through the sprinkler,
Lets make lemonade,
Summer’s here! Summer’s here!

"Can You Blow a Big Bubble?"

(sung to the tune of "Do You Know the Muffin Man?")

Can you blow a big bubble?
A big bubble, a big bubble?
Can you blow a big bubble,
With your bubble wand?

"A Filled Up Picnic Basket"

(sung to the tune of "A Tisket, a Tasket")

A tisket, a tasket, a filled-up picnic basket!
Mom stuffed it with such yummy treats,
I can’t wait to unpack it.
Unpack it, unpack it,
I can’t wait to unpack it,
Crackers, cheese, and fresh fruit please,
Kept safe tucked in our basket.
Our basket, our basket,
There’s more things in our basket.

Juice and bars and my toy cars
To play with—let’s unpack it!

 "We Are Going to the Beach!"

(sung to the tune of "London Bridge is Falling Down")

We are going to the beach,
to the beach, to the beach,
We are going to the beach,
in our bathing suits.
We will find there rocks and shells,
rocks and shells, rocks and shells.

We will find there rocks and shells,
to gather by the water.

We will build a sand castle,
sand castle, sand castle,
we will build a sand castle,
with bridges and a tower.

We will have a picnic too,
picnic too, picnic too,
We will have a picnic too,
With sandwiches and oranges.

Home we head with sunburned cheeks,
sunburned cheeks, sunburned cheeks,
Home we head with sunburned cheeks,
and treasures from our visit.

"Sing a Song of Sunshine"

(sung to the tune of "Sing a Song of Sixpence")

Sing a song of sunshine,
Be happy every day.
Sing a song of Sunshine,
You'll chase the clouds away,
Be happy every moment,
No matter what you do,
Just sing and sing and sing and sing
And let the sunshine through.

"We've Been Playing on the Playground"

(sung to the tune of "I've Been Working on the Railroad")

We've been playing in the playground, all the morning long.
We've been playing in the playground, having fun and singing songs!
Now it's time to dust ourselves off, go in and eat our lunch.
Then we'll brush our teeth and lay down
Look out here we come!

Bubbles Flew Over the Ocean

(sung to the tune of: "My Bonnie lies Over the Ocean")

My Bubbles flew over the ocean,
My Bubbles flew over the sea,
My Bubbles Flew over the rainbow,
Oh come back my bubbles to me!

Come back, come back,
Oh come back, my bubbles to me!

"I'm a Little Fishy"

(sung to the tune of "I'm a little Teapot")

I'm a little fishy, I can swim!
Here is my tail, here is my fin.
When I want to have fun with my friends,
I wiggle my tail and dive right in!

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