Songs With the Word "Run" in Them

Runner listening to music

All of these running songs have one thing in common: They all have the word "run" in the title. They're perfect for getting you motivated during a tough run or a long race.

1. "Run This Town" - Jay-Z with Rihanna and Kanye West  (Buy on

2. "Runaway" - Bon Jovi   (Buy on

3. "Born To Run" - Bruce Springsteen   (Buy on

4. "Run-Around" – Blues Traveler   (Buy on

5. "Runnin' Down A Dream" - Tom Petty  (Buy on

6. "Ready to Run" - Dixie Chicks  (Buy on

7. "Run" - Collective Soul  (Buy on

8. "Run to You" - Bryan Adams   (Buy on

9. "Running Up that Hill" - Kate Bush 

10. "We Run This" - Missy Elliott   (Buy on

11. "Run to the Hills" - Iron Maiden  (Buy on

12. "Running With the Devil" - Van Halen  (Buy on

13.  "Runaway Train" - Soul Asylum (Buy on

14. "The Runner" - Manfred Mann (Buy on

15. "Run for Your Life" - The Beatles (Buy on

More Running Songs:

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