South Beach Diet: Phase Two


Carbohydrates are slowly and carefully added to the diet. Weight loss slows to a recommended 1-2 pounds per week. Dieters figure out how much and what types of carbohydrate they can eat and still feel good and lose weight.

What You Eat:

Agatston’s most recent recommendation is to first add one daily serving of a carby food previously forbidden. A low glycemic fruit such as berries or grapefruit is suggested.

Dieters monitor their body’s response, particularly in regards to carb cravings. If all goes well they add another serving the following week (perhaps a serving of a whole grain), and continue in the same way. If at any point they get a negative reaction they try a different food, with a lower glycemic index.

Length of Phase:

Until desired weight has been achieved.

Goals of Phase Two:

1) To expand food choices, and learn to make wise ones.
2) To continue weight loss at a slower rate.
3) To continue to eat the types and amounts of carbs that limit cravings and weight gain for that individual.


There are menus and recipes in the book, but these are really going to depend upon the individual. There is a lot of experimentation involved in this phase, and it is really left up to each one to discover how food affects them. The main differences between menus in the first two phases would be that phase two menus and would have portions of whole grains, fruits, and starchy vegetables in them (note that a "portion" does not equal "as much as you want").

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