Southern Baby Names for Twins

Southern names enjoy great popularity on lists of baby names. Whether they are trying to honor their Southern heritage, or just appreciate Southern culture, many parents choose Southern names for the babies. When choosing names for twins, it's important to choose names that work well in combination, as well as being an appropriate designation for each individual. This list includes suggestions for Southern names for girl twins, boy twins, and boy/girl twins.

Names from Books and Movies About the South

southern plantation
Southern Inspired Baby Names for Twins. James Kirkikis / Getty Images

Many wonderful books and movies are set in the South. If you're looking for Southern baby names for twins, consider some of these names. From Gone With the Wind: Rhett, Scarlett, Butler, Vivienne, Leigh, Clark, Gable, Ashley (for a girl or a boy), Melanie or Carreen, Margaret or Mitchell. From To Kill a Mockingbird: Harper, Atticus, Jem, Scout. From Mark Twain: Huck, Finn, Sawyer. From Forrest Gump: Forrest or Bubba. Steel Magnolias has a plethora of Southern names for girls, like Anelle, Clairee, Shelby, and M'Lynn. Other choices: Faulkner, Cash, Celia, Eugenia, Virgilia, Garrison, Stella, and Blanche.​

Names from Southern Places

So many Southern places have names that would make great names for baby twins. Consider cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, Savannah, Montgomery, Austin, Charleston, Macon, Dallas, Boone, Memphis, or Raleigh. State names include Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee. How about regions? Delta, Shenandoah. Show your school spirit by naming your twins after Southern colleges: Auburn, Emory, Campbell or Duke. How about rivers? Ashley and Cooper are rivers in the fine Southern city of Charleston. Finally, how about a set of twins named after the definitive geographical boundary of the South ... Mason and Dixon (or Dixie, for a girl)?  

Names from Southern History

Names from Southern history include Jefferson, Lee, Davis, Stonewall, Jackson, Jeb, and Stuart.

Names from Southern Singers

Country music has its home in the South. Name your twins after country singers such as Reba, EmmyLou, Johnny, Kenny, Dolly, Judd, Clint, Trace, Shania, Blake, Merle, or Waylon.

Double Names

A popular naming tradition in the South are double names, such as Billy Ray, John David, Anna Belle, or Opal Ann.

Southern Surnames

Another popular Southern naming tradition is using surnames, or family names. It's a traditional way to honor family heritage. Many names work equally well for boys or girls. Consider Hamilton, Everett, Barton, Emerson, Brock, Bentley, Madison, Randolph, Miller, Dawson, Sutton, Blair, Vanderbilt, Parker, or Carlton. 

Names from Nature

Celebrate the South's beautiful landscape with names that refer to nature. While baby girl names are more prevalent in this genre, there are some that would work for boys as well. Consider flowers like Dahlia, Azalea, Lily, Lilac, Camelia, Poppy, Daisy, Rose, Violet or Marigold. Trees include Willow, Aspen, Cedar, Elm, or Oak. More selections: Jasmine, Sage, Ivy, Blossom, Field, Grove, Basil. 

Names That Sound Good When Said With a Southern Drawl

Some names just sound Southern. Practice saying these with a Southern drawl or a country twang: Tallulah, Susannah, Dabney. Tex, Lamar, Clayton.

Names That Just Sound Southern

Some names just "feel" Southern. For your twins, consider Beau (Bo), Belle (Bella), Earl, Eudora, Jasper. 

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