Soy-Free Recipe Collection for Soy Allergies

40+ Delicious Soy-Free Recipes for People with Soy Allergies

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Looking for some delicious soy-free recipes? You've hit the jackpot. Below is a comprehensive collection of soy-free recipes from main dishes to desserts.

Soy-Free Recipe Collection

Recipes that may include soy oil or soy lecithin only are indicated with a (*). Recipes that can be made soy-free with the use of soy-free mayonnaise (in the "Soups, Snacks and Salads" section) are indicated with an (M).

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Main Dishes


Side Dishes

Soups, Snacks, and Salads

  • Dairy-Free Potato-Leek Soup: A rich, traditional favorite without dairy or soy.
  • Nut-Free Trail Mix: Super-quick, nutritious mix for walking or picnics. The specified granola and chocolate chips are from a soy-free manufacturer.

Sauces, Condiments, and Appetizers



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