Special Days and Observances in August

Join in Celebration of These Special Times

August on board with push pins
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The month of August has some really fun and interesting days to celebrate. The days listed here are those that should be of special interest to gifted children and their families. The month has also been set aside to focus on some special interests. You can find information and activities for the month as well as the special days in it.

Full Year Calendar  

Month-Long Observances

  • American Artists Appreciation Month
  • Get Ready for Kindergarten Month
  • Family Fun Month
  • National Back To School Month

Week-Long Observances

  • National Scrabble Week: August 6 - 10
  • Exercise with Your Child Week: August 7 - 13
  • Aviation Week - August 15 - 21 (Always week of Orville Wright's Birthday on 19th)

Special Days and Holidays

First Week

  • August   1  US Air Force Birthday
  • First Sunday in August National Friendship Day
  • First Sunday in August   4  American Family Day
  • August   4  Coast Guard Day
  • August   7  Sea Serpent Day

Second Week

  • August   9  Book Lovers Day
  • August   9  Lazy Day
  • August 11  Play in the Sand Day
  • August 13  International Left Handers Day
  • August 14  National Financial Awareness Day

Third Week

  • August 16  Tell a Joke Day
  • August 18  Bad Poetry Day
  • August 19  World Photography Day
  • August 20  Virtual Worlds Day
  • August 21  Poets Day

Fourth Week

  • August 23  Ride the Wind Day
  • August 24  Strange Music Day
  • August 24  Vesuvius Day
  • August 29  Individual Rights Day

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