Special Days and Observances in June

Warm Spring Days Are Perfect For Fun Family Activities

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The month of June has some really fun and interesting days to celebrate. The days listed here are those that should be of special interest to gifted children and their families. The month has also been set aside to focus on some special interests. You can find information and activities for the month as well as the special days in it.

Month-Long Observances

Some of June's month-long observances are great opportunities for kids and families to get their hands dirty together.

Try planting a garden so that you can enjoy those delicious fruits and veggies. Consider working together to set up a neighborhood recycling project, or combine Great Outdoors Month and Recycling Month goals by cleaning up a park or trail and recycling the bottles and cans you find.

  • National Audio Book Month
  • Perennial Gardening Month
  • International People Skills Month
  • National Fruit and Veggies Month
  • National Candy Month
  • National Recycling Month
  • Fiction is Fun Month
  • Effective Communications Month
  • Great Outdoors Month
  • National Family Month
  • Zoo and Aquarium Month

Week-Long Observances

Does your family enjoy camping? National Camping Week is a great time to get out into the natural world. It's also a great opportunity to involve your gifted child in the process of planning, packing, and leading a camping trip.

  • Teacher Thank You Week - June 5 - 11 (first week)
  • National Flag Week - June 12 - 18 (week with Flag Day)
  • National Camping Week - June 19 - 25 (last full week)

Special Days and Holidays

First Week

June 5 is Socrates' Birthday and a perfect day for teaching your child about Socratic debate. Pick a Socratic question such as "What makes something beautiful?" Spend some time together discussing and debating the topic.

It's a great introduction to Plato and a terrific way for your child to exercise his or her brain.

  • June 2  Dinosaur Day
  • June 3  Repeat Day
  • June 3  First U.S. Space Walk
  • June 4  Socrates' Birthday
  • June 5  World Environment Day
  • June 6  D-Day Anniversary

Second Week

Most kids (and adults) know surprisingly little about the ocean. World Ocean Day is a great time to fill in the gaps. Some other great options include learning and presenting a magic trick or creating a family album of photos taken long ago.

  • June 7  Daniel Boone Day
  • June 8  World Ocean Day
  • June 12  Sewing Machine Day
  • June 12  Magic Day
  • June 14  Anniversary of the Creation of the US Army
  • June 14  Family History Day
  • June 14  Flag Day

Third Week

This week offers a fun set of activity ideas for gifted kids. Use National Electricity Day to teach your child about electrical circuits. Work together to plan, build, and fly your own kite. Make a veggie-based picnic and enjoy it with Dad on his special day.

  • June 15  National Electricity Day
  • June 15  Fly a Kite Day
  • June 15  Nature Photography Day
  • June 16  Fresh Veggies Day
  • June 17  Eat Your Vegetables Day
  • June 18  International Picnic Day
  • June 19  Father's Day (third Sunday)
  • June 20  American Bald Eagle Day
  • June 21  Summer Begins

Fourth Week

While SAT prep may hold some charm for high school juniors, most gifted kids are likely to prefer celebrating fairies or having a backyard campout while watching the sky for shooting stars (meteors).

  • June 23  SAT Math Day
  • June 24  Celebration of the Senses
  • June 24  Let it Go Day
  • June 24  International Fairy Day
  • June 24  Camera Day
  • June 25  Great American Backyard Campout (4th Saturday)
  • June 30  Meteor Day
  • June 30  Descendent's Day

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