Special-Needs Swim Gear

Help your child be cool in the pool

Pool Water
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When the weather gets warm, kids love to get wet. But water play can be a problem for kids with special needs. Ear tubes and hearing aids need to stay dry. Swim diapers can be hard to find for older kids. And children who can't swim due to physical disabilities or poor motor skills are at risk. Fortunately, there are products that can help keep special kids in the swim.

Ear Tube Protection
Keep ear tubes dry and ears water-free with specialized plugs and a swim-cap-lite band.

Putty Buddies
Doc's Proplugs
Ear Band-It

Hearing Aid Guards
Hearing aids shouldn't go in the pool, but they'll stay dry and safe during wet, sweaty, active play with these protective devices.

Super Seals
Fun Oto-Clips
Ear Gear

Swim Diapers
Manage incontinence with swim diapers sized for older kids, teens, even adults.

My Pool Pal Special Needs Swim Diapers
Kiefer Youth Swim Diapers
Kiefer Adult Swim Diapers

Special Needs Swimsuits
Solve dressing and safety problems with big-kid, teen, and adult-sized suits designed to snap over diapers, go on easily, or float.

SlipOn Swimsuits
Suits Me Wraparound Swimsuits
My Pool Pal Flotation Swimsuit

Flotation Devices
Staying safe in the water is easier with these special-needs-suited devices that make floating fun.

Water Walker Innertube
Wet Vest II
Life Jacket
Dolphin Float System
Head Float
Sectional Raft

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