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Small Personal Item Belt for Walks, Runs, and Workouts

SPIbelt. Wendy Bumgardner © 2014

I never go walking without my small walking essentials. At a bare minimum, I have keys, mobile phone, ID and cash. But how do you carry that stuff when you don't have pockets in the right places? Even when carrying a hydration pack on longer walks, I want my mobile phone and/or camera handy.

The SPIbelt is a simple belt with an expandable zippered pocket. It's like a minimalist fanny pack. The one-inch wide elastic waistband secures with a clasp.

When you have nothing in the pocket, it is only 1.5 inches wide. You may be able to thread it through belt loops of your pants. But commonly you just belt it over you clothing and it stays in place because the belt is elastic rather than the non-stretchy webbing belts used for most fanny packs. It is flat enough to be worn as a money belt underneath your clothing for travel.

The Original SPIbelt pocket can expand to 6" x 3" x 2". That is big enough to fit most mobile phones and your passport. You should also be able to fit in your keys, ID, and an energy snack. If you have a bigger phone or just like to carry more stuff, the Large Pocket SPIbelt expands up to eight inches long and four inches wide. The stretchy fabric pocket is made of lycra and spandex.

But will it fit your waist? The elastic belt is adjustable for 25-50 inch waists. They also have a kids' version and a plus-size version for those who are smaller or larger.

It is meant to fit snugly around your waist so there is no bounce as you get with some fanny packs.

SPIbelt comes in a variety of color combinations. Some of them are reflective for night safety.

Why to Wear the SPIbelt

SPIbelt is big enough for what you really need for a walk, run or workout and it doesn't bounce.

  You don't have to leave your ID and keys in a gym locker when you hit the treadmill and pump iron. It also comes in handy for securing your valuables when you are ambling around town or traveling. You can wear the pocket in front or tuck it under your clothing to keep items hidden and secure.

For running and walking events, you can add race bib toggles (sold separately) or pin your race bib to the SPIbelt. That solves a problem I have for cold weather or rainy weather races -- where to wear my race number so it is still visible as I add or remove layers of clothing.

They also have an Endurance model which comes with race bib toggles and elastic loops for energy gels.

Bottom Line on SPIbelt

I like the design, both for 15 minute walks when I want a place to carry my phone and keys and for walking a half marathon and carrying my snacks and camera/phone where I can get to them fast.

Drawbacks: It's still a good idea to carry water with you on walks, even at races where they have water stops, which would require a further accessory. The SPIbelt is not waterproof, so they suggest getting a LOKSAK plastic bag for your electronics if you might be getting wet.

I've reviewed some similar solutions for how to carry your stuff when you don't want to wear a fanny pack.

I like the FlipBelt, but it has slit openings rather than the extra security of a zippered pocket. The hipS-sister has zippered pockets and a drop-in pocket, but may not appeal to men. SPIbelt is a good unisex design with color combinations for every preference.

If you are a dog walker, also check out their SPIleash with a handy pocket on the leash.

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