Ideas For a Sponge Bob Pool Party

Big kids love Sponge Bob. He must be the silliest cartoon character ever, and watching him lets kids hang on to the silliness of childhood that much longer. If your big kid is a Sponge Bob fan, he'll love the idea of a Sponge Bob Luau for his birthday party.

You can find Sponge Bob merchandise everywhere; so, invitations, party decor, even the cake pan are a cinch. Luau-themed party decorations add that "Bikini Bottom" touch, and give the party just a bit of a teen feel, very cool.

Shop online for the best selection of birthday party supplies; you save time and money. Several great shopping sites are on the Birthday Party Supplies page on this site. Party411 has a good selection of SpongeBob Squarepants party gear. I love the giant shark mouth stand at Shindigz. It would be perfect for Sponge Bob's Bubble Stand. Use the Bubble Stand to take adorable guest pictures.

Oriental Trading Company is a good option for Luau gear. Instead of leis, go for shell necklaces this year. Lead your guests to the pool with a ragged sign that says Bikini Bottom in front of a raffia-curtained archway. A raffia tableskirt makes a high impact at a low cost, as does a large paper palm tree. Use a big wooden bowl with coconuts, pineapple, and papaya for the centerpiece.

Sponge Bob is a fairly simple cake to make, or order one locally. Let Dad man the grill, as Mr. Crabs of course, and serve hamburgers (Crabby Patties!)

On to the Sponge Bob Pool Party Games, and some prize and favor ideas. . .

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    Sponge Bob's Bubble Stand
    Equipment: Bubble solution, several sizes of bubble wands
    Preparation: Set up a table for the bubble-making equipment. Make a sign that says "Sponge Bob's Bubble Stand". Here's a tip: kiddie wire hangers, pulled out into a square make awesome bubbles.
    Play: Leave the Bubble Stand open, and let kids come by and make bubbles any time during the party.

    Find Patrick's Quarter
    Equipment: Quarters, waterproof paint or WhiteOut, pool
    Preparation: Gather a large number of quarters.

    Paint a mark on one quarter.
    Play: Throw all the quarters in the pool, spreading them around in the shallow and deep ends. When you say go, the kids jump in and start picking up quarters. When all of the quarters are found, give prizes to the child with the most quarters, the least quarters, and a big prize for whoever finds Patrick's marked quarter.

    Sandy the Squirrel Race
    Equipment: Pool
    Preparation: None
    Play: Kids race from one end of the pool to another, but they must swim squirrel-style, with their heads out of the water (dog-paddling).

    Pearl's Hula Hoop Contest
    Equipment: Hula Hoops
    Preparation: Announce that Pearl's Hula Hoop Contest will be held during the party, and encourage kids to practice with the hula hoops during the party.
    Play: While the kids are out of the pool for cake or presents, start the hula hoop contest. Give a prize to the contestant who hulas the most hoops, and to the one who hulas the longest.

    Squidword's Water Limbo
    Equipment: Water hose; best played on grass
    Preparation: Set up the water hose in a grassy play area.
    Play: Line the kids up to limbo. An adult works the water hose, shooting out a powerful stream of water for the kids to limbo under. Start high, then lower the water stream each round as in limbo.

    Losers get soaked with the water!

    Plankton-Mr. Crabs Competition
    Equipment: Kiddie kickboards, pool
    Preparation: Determine an easily identifiable line across the pool.
    Play: Two children on kickboards face each other, holding on to the front of the other's kickboard. An adult times the pair for 30 seconds while they kick and try to pull each other back over the line, as in tug of war. Let the winner play the next person, until the final round when the big winner is declared.

    Crab Walk
    Equipment: Large open space with soft surface such as grass
    Preparation: Mark start and end points for the race.
    Play: Divide the kids according to the number you have, and set start and end points for a race. Kids must get in "crab" position, walking on hands and feet with stomach up. Race individually, or relay style for large groups. Kids "crab walk" feet first to the end point, then backwards, or hands first, to the start point.

    Sharks and Minnows
    Equipment: Pool
    Preparation: None
    Play: One player is chosen as the shark, and stays in the pool. All the other kids are minnows, and stand on the side of the pool. The shark calls out "Minnows!" and all the kids jump into the pool and swim to the other side. If the shark tags a minnow, he stays in the pool and becomes a shark also.

    The last minnow left wins.

    Seahorse Race
    Equipment: Swim Noodles, Pool
    Preparation: Divide the kids into two teams, with half of each team at each end of the pool, for a relay race in the pool.
    Play: Put the noodles in the water in front of the first racers. On "Go", the first racers jump in the pool, put the noodle between their legs, and swim seahorse-style to the other end. When they get to the other end, and climb out of the pool, the next racer jumps in, puts the noodle between his legs, and swims back to the other end. Keep on with the relay until all of the kids have raced. Give prizes to the winning team.

    Ideas for prizes and favors with either SpongeBob or beach/ocean themes are abundant. Surfboard necklace, SpongeBob stickers and tattoos, seashell checkers, retro sunglasses, vinyl fish squirts, and dolphin beach safe containers are just a few I found for starters.

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