Sports-Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

Make your teen feel like an MVP at a sports-themed birthday party.

young boy in crowd at baseball game
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Is your teen obsessed with sports? Does he or she follow one sport or one team closely? It might not work for older teens, but for tweens and younger teens, a sports-themed birthday party can be a really fun way to celebrate their special day.

First, you and your teen should decide whether you'll focus the party on one team, or on a particular sport in general. You could even chose to focus on a few teams from your hometown, if your teen has a hard time choosing just one favorite.


Once you've narrowed this down, you can decide whether to decorate with team colors, such as black and gold for the Pittsburgh Steelers or pinstripes for the New York Yankees, If you're going for the overall sports theme for one sport, you'll want to think about decorating with footballs, hockey sticks, soccer balls, etc. If possible, you may want to consider holding the party at or near a venue where guests can play the sport in question, such as batting cages or a hockey rink. 

Another idea that will be a big hit, if the budget for the party allows, is to find out if your teen's favorite team hosts birthday parties at games (many do), or offers reduced ticket prices for those celebrating a birthday. With enough advance coordination, you might even be able to get your teen's name displayed on the Jumbotron. 

If you're sticking to a party at home, however, you can still get creative. If you've got backyard space, and the weather cooperates, you can set up a field of play there (and probably have some equipment on hand if your kiddo is really into the sport!).


For things like party favors, your team's store should have plenty of options from which to choose. Party stores always have sports-themed favors, as well as cups, plates and other party gear. 

Invitations to the party can be designed to look like tickets, with the team logo or a symbol of the sport printed on it.

 Here's a link to Printable Sports Party Invitations. These are good for birthday and other types of sports parties.

Enlist a local bakery to make a cake themed for your team or sport. Other foods may be determined by the sport or team you choose. But for a baseball-themed party, you might think about peanuts and Cracker Jacks for snacks, and hot dogs as the "main course," for instance. Try to do a little research and find out what foods are served at your team's park, or if they have food items with team logos on them. 

With a little creative thinking and some input from your sports-loving teen, a sports-themed party can be a home run (or a touchdown!) to celebrate with friends and family.

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