Sports That Build Six Pack Abs

These sports give you six pack abs without doing any abdominal exercises

You can build great six pack abs without doing traditional ab exercises. Choose sports that engage the core and you will build a strong, sexy midsection naturally.

Sports that require a coordinated movement of the upper body and lower body or torso rotation, naturally engage the core muscles and stabilize the torso, which is essential for generating power and force in the extremities. For a strong, powerful core, simply choose sports that naturally engage both the upper and lower body in powerful, repetitive movements.

These sports help build six-pack abs naturally.


Gymnast. Elie Bernager / Getty Images

The rings just may be the ultimate ab exercise, but all gymnastic moves and all gymnasts have amazing core strength.


Volleyball Player Kerri Walsh
Volleyball Player Kerri Walsh. Nick Laham / Getty Images

Spiking, digging and blocking a volleyball in mid-flight works the core and abs in a variety of dynamic moves.


Kayaking. Julian Finney / Getty Images

The abdominal rotation and powerful paddle motion builds abs and core strength as well as back, chest and shoulders.

Skate Skiing

Skate Skiing
Skate Skiing. Agence Zoom / Getty Images

Cross country skate skiing not only builds incredible cardiovascular endurance while burning hundreds of calories and hour, but you'll get an incredible core and upper body workout at the same time.


Yoga for Strong Abs
Yoga for Strong Abs. Christoph Wilhelm / Getty Images

Static poses and lots of Sun Salutations (think of the plank exercise and numerous push-ups) will give you a solid foundation of core strength, great balance and relaxed, deep and rhythmic breath.


Sprinting. Mark Dadswell / Getty Images

Sprinting requires powerful, pumping of the arms and legs in a coordinated, rhythmic motion. Over time​, sprint practice will lead to a strong, powerful core.


Pro Soccer Player David Beckham
Pro Soccer Player David Beckham. Clive Rose / Getty Images

David Beckham's six-pack gives you an idea of just how good soccer is as an ab workout. Kicking and heading a soccer ball requires a coordinated and powerful contraction of the upper and lower body.


Swimmer stretching
Swimmer stretching. Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

Just imagine trying to swim without contracting your abs. It might look a lot like a toddler trying to swim with arms and legs flaying about slapping the water. It takes a strong torso to swim effectively.

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