Spring Activities for Older Children

The change of seasons always brings plenty of opportunities for children to learn and grow. Spring is a time when we all say good-bye to winter, and welcome warmer weather, flowers and longer days. Welcome the season with these spring activities for older kids.

Spring Activities for Nature Lovers

Young Girl With Harvested Vegetable In Garden
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You can't enjoy the season of spring without engaging in the wonders of nature. Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather to host a neighborhood scavanger hunt, or plant a vegetable or herb garden with your child. If you have flowers growing in your neighborhood or yard, preserve a few by pressing them.

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Make a Fun Easter Basket

Sidewalk chalk, a small Bible, and a new toothbrush are other Easter Gift Basket Ideas.
A tween's easter gift basket should still include a stuffy bunny. iStockphoto.com

Tweens aren't too old to enjoy receiving an Easter basket. But go easy on the candy. There are plenty of other fun things you can put in your older child's basket.

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Enjoy a Nature-Inspired Book

Image courtesy of American Girl

Tweens are almost always in the mood for a fun project or two, so why not find a few projects centered around the subject of nature? The Cutest Nature Book Ever!, published by American Girl Books, offers a variety of spring activities including crafts, projects, and ideas for tweens interested in spending more time outdoors. It also doubles as a journal -- what fun!

Get Ready for Earth Day

Your own backyard can be a great place to spend a fun earth day with kids.
Plan a fun earth day for kids by spending time outdoors together. iStockphoto.com

Earth Day is also a celebration of spring, and all that nature offers. Don't pass on this annual event. It's a wonderful opportunity to teach your child about environmental responsibility, stewardship of the earth and everything on it. Plus, it can make for a wonderful bonding experience.

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Make a Spring Treat

Put your tween to work making a tasty treat, inspired by nature. Worms and Dirt doesn't sound appetizing, but it's really nothing more than chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos and gummy worms, of course. It's a fun treat to assemble, and great for parties. Plus, it's easy enough for your tween to make all by herself.

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