Spring Break Activities

Here are some great ideas for family fun and activities during spring break

Spring vacation is a great time for families to recharge, get ready for the home stretch of the school year, and have some fun with activities. Whether you’re planning to take it easy at home during spring break or take a fun family trip, here are some great ideas for spring break activities to do with your kids.


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There’s something about springtime that inspires one to create fun and colorful creations out of spring crafts ideas. (Maybe it’s all that renewal and rebirth going on around us that stokes the creative soul.) These spring crafts for kids are perfect for when you’re enjoying some downtime during spring vacation. Check out these spring crafts ideas for inspiration and instructions.



There are few better ways to enjoy a beautiful day than to have a fun family picnic. Dreamstime

What better way to spend a beautiful warm day outside than to go on a fun family picnic? Just pack up a basket with yummy and healthy picnic food and tote along some fun games and toys. Your family is sure to have a terrific, relaxing and joyful day together. The best part: Your kids will be so exhausted at the end of the fun day that they’ll probably go to bed without much ado!



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One of the most fun things about Easter is decorating Easter eggs. Grade-schoolers can really get creative coming up with designs and using their imaginations to create fun and beautiful Easter eggs. Whether you use boiled or blown-out eggs or create fun Easter egg creatures or lovely works of art, your child will love working with you to make wonderful Easter eggs he can be proud of.



Easter cookies can be a colorful and delicious way to welcome spring. Dreamstime

Another way to unleash your child’s inner artist is by using sugar cookies as a palette to make beautiful Easter eggs, bunnies, spring flowers, and more. All you need are some sugar cookies in Easter shapes, pastel icing, and some imagination!


Create a Beautiful Garden with Your Children


One great idea for spring break activities to do with your kids is to plant a garden. Grade-schoolers love digging in dirt, and they love the sense of accomplishment and pride that can come from creating something with their hard work. So find some growing space in your back yard or a planter and give your kid a spade. Let him get to work helping you plant flowers and veggies. Gardening can be a great opportunity for you and your child to spend some time together. Your child will take pride in his green thumb as he watches his garden grow. When it’s harvest time, you can make a salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and other veggies grown in your own garden!

Take a Family Trip


If you’re planning to get out of dodge during spring vacation, check out these tips and ideas for how to have a great family trip. Whether you’re planning to drive to a nearby town or jet off to another state or country, do a little research to find essential tips on finding family-friendly destinations and must-have travel games and other distractions to keep kids occupied during the trip.


Great outdoor games can give kids hours of fun, exercise, and friendship!.
Spring break is a great time for fun, and lots of fun games can be played outside in fresh air and sunshine. Now that days are longer and the temperature is finally beginning to warm up, classic outdoor games like red light, green light and four square are perfect for kids to play during a break from school. The best part: They get exercise while having fun!


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