7 Spring Break Activities to Enjoy with Your Tween

Take advantage of spring break -- spend time together. iStockphoto.com

 Spring break is a time both parents and children look forward to, and there's no reason why you and your tween can't take advantage of the break to spend time together, and maybe even have a little adventure. If you don't have plans for spring break this year, these ideas might give you a little inspiration for parent/child fun.

Spring Break Fun for You and Your Tween

Volunteer: If you're worried that your tween is overindulged and maybe even a little bit spoiled, you might consider spending some time over spring break volunteering for a local organization.

Volunteering will help your tween understand the importance of giving back to the community, and that he probably does have it pretty good. Find an organization that will allow you and your child to volunteer together. Ideas might be your local animal shelter, food bank, or even your community church. 

Take a Road Trip: If you have some spending money available, you might consider taking a road trip with your child to a destination you've always wanted to visit. Or, consider a trip to the mountains or the beach. If you live near historic attractions or other fun destinations that you've never explored, spring break might be just the excuse to learn more about your own community. 

Host a Party: Your child's friends might be busy over spring break, but many of them might be stuck at home without much to do. Give them something to look forward to, allow your tween to host a party for everyone who doesn't have plans.

Send out invites, decorate, choose a theme, and let the tweenagers enjoy their break from school. 

Take a Lesson: The week off from school provides you and your tween the time to try something different. Consider taking a lesson or two, to learn something new. You might consider a lesson in rock climbing at an indoor climbing gym, or maybe even a tennis lesson or two at your local Y.

If your child is having trouble with a particular subject at school, spring break might give him the opportunity to find a tutor to catch up or even get ahead.

Visit a Relative: If you're looking for a trip idea, consider a trip to visit the grandparents or cousins that you haven't seen in a while. Or, visit a friend from out of town. Just pack your bags, chart your course, and enjoy the trip to see someone you care about. 

Get Outdoors: Everyone loves spring break because it's the first time in many months that we can enjoy the warmer weather and the outdoors again. If it looks like you'll have cooperative weather over spring break, be sure to plan time outdoors. You and your tween can take a hike, visit a local park, or just work around in your garden. Consider planting a garden bed with your tween, or find another outdoor project you and your tween can enjoy together.  

Plan the Summer: Summer break is just around the corner, use spring break as an opportunity to plan the summer months.

You and your tween can pick out summer camps, or plan a summer trip. Allow your tween to count down the days to summer break, and make a list of all the things he hopes to do during the summer months. 

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