Spring Flower Button Craft

Help your preschooler work on shapes with this fun spring craft

spring flower button craft
Want to make a craft with your young child? This spring flower button craft only uses paper, crayons, glue, buttons, and your preschooler's imagination. Amanda Rock

Teach your preschooler about shapes all while letting her flex her creative muscles and get crafty with this adorable and easy spring flower button craft. Using just seven supplies (all which are likely found in your home), this craft is a project that your little one can follow the directions on (with your help), but still put her own spin on it, coloring and decorating as she sees fit.

Crafts are a wonderful way to teach young children important concepts. Through being creative and having fun, their minds are open to learning new ideas. In this craft, sewing buttons are used as flowers. Before you craft together, spread the buttons out on your workspace. Try to offer up buttons that come in different shapes and colors so your preschooler has a variety to choose from. Talk about the different shapes and where your preschooler has seen these shapes in everyday life -- for example, if you have a rectangle-shaped button, point out your rectangle-shaped refrigerator or blanket.

This craft will also ask your preschooler to cut shapes out of paper. If your preschooler is on the younger side, draw the shapes on the paper yourself, then help your preschooler follow the lines while he cuts. If your preschooler is a bit older, and can do a good job drawing shapes, have him do the drawing and then the cutting as well.

When it comes to making arts and crafts with preschool-aged children, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Keep the craft fast and easy. Most young children don't have super-long attention spans.
  • To that end, make sure all of the supplies are laid out ahead of time.
  • Cover any workspace with a plastic tablecloth, a drop cloth, or newspaper to avoid your little one making a mess on the table.
  • Have your preschooler wear a smock as she crafts.

Some tips when working on the flower button craft:

  • White paper shows off the colors and the design off best, but any colored paper will do.
  • Let your preschooler cut the yarn and the shapes out of paper. Both can be any size.
  • While glue will hold the buttons in place, you might be better off using rubber cement.

What you'll need:

  • Construction paper, any size (the project shown uses 11" x 17" paper), white is best
  • Construction paper in multiple colors (8" x 11")
  • Yarn in different colors
  • Scissors
  • Liquid glue or rubber cement
  • Crayons
  • Buttons in assorted sizes, shapes, and colors

Get crafting!

  1. On the large piece of paper, have your preschooler practice drawing shapes. Our example above has the shapes grouped together in lines, but really, anyplace on the page that they put them is fine. Cover the whole page, with the understanding that some of the shapes will be covered by a paper vase, yarn, and button flowers.
  2. Using safety scissors, have your preschooler cut any number shapes out of the colored construction paper. If it is easier, have your little one draw the shapes first using a pencil or crayon, then cut them out.
  3. Draw a vase with a pencil on the colored paper. Have your preschooler cut it out.
  4. Glue the paper vase onto the paper where your preschooler has drawn and colored shapes. Be sure to leave enough room for your yarn stems and flower buttons.
  5. Ask your preschooler to glue the cut out shapes onto the vase. Let dry.
  6. Have your preschooler cut different lengths of yarn to serve as stems for your flowers.
  7. Using the liquid glue or rubber cement, glue the yarn stems coming out of the vase. Let dry.
  8. Using the buttons, have your preschooler glue flower heads onto the stems. Liquid glue or rubber cement work best. Let dry.
  9. Make sure your preschooler signs and dates her creation.
  10. Hang in an important place or frame for a fabulous gift!

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