St. Patrick's Day Fun for Tweens

Enjoy the holiday with these fun activities

Don't let St. Patrick's Day pass without a little fun!.

St. Patrick's Day can offer children and families a lot of opportunity for fun. While the annual holiday doesn't get as much attention as Christmas, Halloween or Valentine's Day, it can still provide your tween with ample fun activities. Be sure you encourage your tween to enjoy the event this year by finding a few Irish-themed projects or activities to do together. Below are a few suggestions that might help you and your tween make the most of the annual St.

Patrick's Day festivities. 

Fun Tween Activities for St. Patrick's Day

Research Irish History: One way to make the most of the St. Patrick's Day celebration is to learn a little about the Irish story in America. Ask your tween to research how so many Irish immigrants ended up in the United States, and how they came to make a contribution to their new home. Ask your child to research famous Irish-Americans, and find similarities and differences between the two countries. Put all of your research together in a scrapbook or on a presentation board.

Plant Clovers: You might not want to search for four-leafed clovers in the middle of March, but you can still encourage your tween to roll up her sleeves and play in the dirt. Small pots, potting soil, and a pack of clover seeds are all you need to make your own clover pots. If you start your seeds in time, you can even have clovers sprouting in time for the holiday.

The plants make a beautiful table top decoration, you can plant outside when the weather is warm.

Get Cooking: One of the best ways to enjoy St. Patrick's Day is by getting to know a little about traditional Irish foods. Flip through a few cookbooks or research Irish recipes online to find something that your family would enjoy.

Irish Soda Bread, Potato Fudge, or Irish Stew are all traditional foods that even picky tweens might like. 

Go to a Parade: One of the most memorable ways to make the most of St. Patrick's Day is to attend a fun St. Patrick's Day event, such as a parade. Many cities and even some smaller towns or counties will organize a parade of the annual holiday. If you decide to attend, be sure to dress in green so you don't stick out. You can find plenty of festive accessories at your local dollar store or big box retailer.

Have Fun Decorating: Decorating is probably the easiest way to get in the mood for a holiday or an event. You can find plenty of fun decorations, even if you're on a budget. Or, consider making some of your own with crepe paper, construction paper, scissors and glue. You might even find a few decorations at your local thrift store or consignment shop. 

Take a Virtual Trip to Ireland: If you want to turn St. Patrick's Day into a learning event, consider taking a virtual trip to Ireland. Research a few fun destinations, and then learn about them online. Websites will provide you with historical information and interesting photos that will help you imagine yourself there. A trip to your local library will help your tween learn even more, and maybe even find a few interesting Irish historical figures to read about.


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