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A pregnancy blog has become a new version of the pregnancy journal. Do you want to create a pregnancy blog? Many women are keeping them for a variety of reasons. This can be simply an easy way to keep track of your pregnancy and everything that goes along with it. Or a pregnancy blog can be a fun way to keep your friends and family updated as to the happenings of your pregnancy. So here are some quick steps to starting your own pregnancy blog!

1. Choose a Pregnancy Blog Platform

When you're trying to start a pregnancy blog, you might want to give some consideration to which blogging platform/software you should use. Many blogging platforms are free or very inexpensive. You will need to base this decision on how much knowledge you have about building websites and how much money you want to put into it. Now, some sites have added features like free polling software and other benefits. Some charge you for space over a certain amount, which may be important when it comes to photos. So do your research and see what other people are doing and enjoying.

2. Decide What to Name Your Pregnancy Blog

The name that you choose for your pregnancy blog might incorporate your pregnancy and beyond, or it may become your mommy blog. You will need to decide if you want to focus on the pregnancy or think of a general name.

3. Who is your audience? 

Will you give the blog URL out to everyone?

Will you password protect it so that only family and friends can see it? This is something that needs to be answered fairly quickly. It's always better to start small and build. You don't even have to share it with anyone. Though I would recommend that you have a backup of all of your documents to be able to prevent you from losing the words and memories.

4. Decide What to Share on Your Pregnancy Blog 

Some moms decide to include everything from photos of the pregnancy test to every single pregnancy symptom. This is totally your call but may depend on who reads your blog or whether it is password protected. You should also think of this in terms of privacy - do you share your location, the hospital where you will give birth, etc.

5. Pregnancy Blog Basics 

People will expect to see certain things on your pregnancy blog. Remember, you do not have to comply with what they want. However, what they want might include:

6. Birth Day 

You will also have to decide what information you will put up and when, when it comes time to give birth. Are you going to live blog your birth? Or will you simply put up a baby announcement?

7. Now what to do with your pregnancy blog? 

So you've had the baby. Does your pregnancy blog now become the tales from the trenches of being a new mom? A new baby book? Or does it go by the wayside because you're way too busy now?

Either way, kick back and relax. Enjoy your pregnancy blog and try not to make it a chore.

Remember you are doing this for you and your baby, not everyone else.

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