State-by-State Medical and Health Insurance Resources

To find health and medical resources for your specific state, you'll want to check the master list of individal state health and medical resources to see if your state's information is available. If not, these general resources will to lead you to your state-specific information:

Doctor Licensing

For doctor licensing information, find your state's medical or licensing board at the Federation of State Medical Boards.

State Health Boards

The CDC maintains a list of State Boards of Health

Find links to all state Boards of Pharmacy

Health Insurance

For health insurance problems or inquiries, Medicare provides this master list of state Insurance Boards.

Medical Records


To compare the hospitals in your area, information from the US Department of Health and Human Services at Hospital Compare.

State by State list of Hospital Associations

Workers' Compensation

For workers' compensation information state-by-state, research at the Department of Labor.

Prescription Assistance

Prescription assistance programs vary by state. The National Conference of State Legislatures lists prescription assistance programs by state.

Advance Directives

Medical Societies

Each state has a state association of medical societies, then individual, local area (often county) societies.  Find your state's association on this list, then search within that state site for your local medical society.

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