Statin Drugs May Lower CoQ10 Levels

tablet Prescribed For Lowering Cholesterol.
Statin drugs to lower cholesterol. BSIP/UIG / Getty Images

Statin drugs are a class of prescription drugs that are designed to reduce high cholesterol. Some people taking statin drugs experience side effects such as muscle pain, diarrhea, nausea, liver damage, kidney damage, increased blood sugar levels, or diabetes.

Some research suggests that statin drugs may interfere with the body's production of coenzyme Q10, a substance produced naturally in the body and found in every cell.

Coenzyme Q10 plays a key role in the mitochondria, the part of a cell that produces energy.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, statin drugs may lower the body's CoQ10 levels, increasing the side effects of statins.

  • A Columbia University study found that 30 days of statin therapy (80 mg/day) decreased CoQ10 levels by half.
  • Another study by researchers at Kanazawa University in Japan found that smaller doses of statin drugs may reduce CoQ10. After 8 weeks of reduced-dose statin therapy, CoQ10 levels decreased by 40 percent.

CoQ10 may lower blood sugar, so people with diabetes may need to avoid it. Also, CoQ10 supplements may interact with certain medications, such as beta-blockers, certain anti-depressants, and cancer medications. 

If you're considering using CoQ10 supplements (or are experiencing side effects of statin use), be sure to talk with your doctor.  Keep in mind that self-treating and avoiding or delaying conventional care may have serious consequences.

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