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One of the key strategies to managing diabetes is finding support, hope and motivation to deal with the disease on a daily basis. Surrounding yourself with those people who understand what you are dealing with can help keep you motivated and elevate morale when you feel like you are burning out and can't handle anymore. Getting involved with the disease on a larger scale, for example, by raising awareness can also help you find mutual support from people and families of all walks of life that understand what you are going through.

A great way to seek support, increase awareness and raise funding dedicated to finding a cure, is to participate in a walk for diabetes. In addition to raising awareness to diabetes, you'd be outdoors exercising. Regular physical activity can help to improve blood sugar control by increasing insulin sensitivity. Also, simply walking as been shown to improve blood pressure, cholesterol, stress and depression. 

What are the Diabetes Walks? 

As the fall approaches so does the series of Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes events, a line-up of walks in 95 cities nationwide hosted by the American Diabetes Association scheduled from September to November. With strong support from sponsorship and corporate teams, this event typically raises over $24 million to find a cure for diabetes and to support the mission, which includes improving outcomes for people with diabetes and expanding the field of diabetes research, to name a few.


Regardless of what your fitness level is, you can participate. The walks range from about 2-6 miles in length. You can walk as an individual, with your family, or as part of a corporate team. If you are unable to walk, you can register as a "virtual walker" or simply make a donation to show your support.


What better way to show support for someone you love than to walk in her honor? Whether you've just been diagnosed with diabetes, you've had it for a long time, or someone you love has it, walking to raise awareness and funds dedicated to researching for a cure, diabetes education, advocacy and prevention programs can help to improve the lives of those with diabetes. Not to mention, promoting physical activity is a great way to engage in healthy lifestyle changes. 

How Can I Sign Up? 

For more information on how to sign up for a walk go to:

For fun and more community support you can engage with other Step Out walkers on social media. Find others on twitter at: #stepoutdiabetes

What if I Can't Find a Walk Close to Me? 

If you can't find a Step Out Walk near you, perhaps consider starting your own community walk. To learn more about the American Diabetes Association new initiative, Community Walk, go to:


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