5 Steps to Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

Pregnant woman window shopping for maternity clothes
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The hot thing in the fashion world right now is minimalism. Everyone is talking about capsule wardrobe. The basics of a capsule wardrobe are that you limit your wardrobe to a certain number of pieces, determined by you. These pieces should be flexible and able to be used together with the other clothes. From that point on, your wardrobe is simply a mathematical challenge to see how many ways you can wear your wardrobe.

Some of the benefits of a capsule wardrobe include fewer clothes to contend with in your laundry basket, particularly if you are not wearing them or don’t enjoy wearing them. It also makes getting dressed much easier – your closet is simple and everything matches everything else. It’s difficult to go wrong. It also is a great way to declutter your life of the extra things that we just don’t use, including extra clothes.

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Pregnancy is the right time to think about the capsule wardrobe. While others are just thinking about, it is what every pregnant woman has done since the dawn of maternity clothing. Simply put, who is going to put a lot of money into a wardrobe that is only good for a finite amount of time?

Figure Out How Many Items

That said, you want to be stylish and feel good in the clothing that you are wearing. A capsule wardrobe is perfect for this period of time.

All articles of your clothing should be fair neutral, or have the same scheme. This enables you to blend them and mix and match with greater ease. First you want to figure out about how many pieces that you will want in your pregnancy capsule wardrobe by choosing the clothes. I don't think that there is one perfect number.

The below is 21 pieces, not including outerwear. Some women will go higher, while others may go even lower.

Select Your Bottoms

For example, how many bottoms will you want? This category will include pants, jeans, shorts, and skirts. Five might be a great number for you. That could include:

  • 1 pair of maternity jeans
  • 2 pairs of maternity pants
  • 2 skirts

It might also look like this:

  • 1 skirt
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • 2 maternity jeans
  • 1 pair of maternity pants

Select Your Tops

Tops are a slightly different story. Having more shirts will extend the life of your wardrobe. In the category you will want to include some of the following types of shirts:

  • 1 statement top (this may be any color or style)
  • 3 tee shirts (may be dressy or regular)
  • 3 nice shirts
  • 2 button downs
  • 2 tank tops

Select Your Shoes

Your capsule will include shoes. Remember, shoes can really change how dressed up or down that you look in an outfit. The difference in pregnancy is that your shoes may also change in how they fit but are not as easily replaced. My suggestion is that you have at least:

  • 1 pair of athletic shoes
  • 1 pair of shoes that are comfy (slides, flip flops, crocs, etc.)
  • 2 pairs of dressy shoes (low heel)
  • 1 pair of sandals (seasonally appropriate)

    Add Extras

    You will also want to include some of the following potentially:

    • Sweaters
    • Jackets
    • Dresses

    Whether you choose any in the later category is totally dependent on you. I do recommend that everyone have at least one dress that they can grab in a pinch. Typically a capsule wardrobe does not include your undergarments like bras, or active wear, including swimsuits, and exercise gear. 

    To make these clothes look really amazing, you are going to mix and match them. Think about your capsule wardrobe in terms of layering. Do you have the ability to wear a tank under a button down shirt? Could you also wear the tanks under a sweater?

    The tee shirt you wear with the jeans may look completely different when you pair it with a skirt and a nice pair of shoes, instead of your athletic shoes.

    To round out your wardrobe and add your flair and personality, you will want to accessorize with various things. This can be jewelry like necklaces or earrings. It may be scarves (infinity or regular). All of these items will help you change the look of your capsule wardrobe to match the situation for which it is needed.

    As your body changes in pregnancy, you may want to add something to your capsule. You can certainly do that at any point. If you are changing your size, you will want to rotate the piece you are replacing out of your capsule.

    Once you have had your baby, remember, you will wear your maternity clothes for a bit longer. That’s okay. As your body changes and you can fit into regular jeans, swap out the maternity jeans for a regular pair. Continue to do this until you have built your postpartum capsule as well. Remember, the season will also determine what you need in your capsule.

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