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Dr Steven Lin | Dentist, Writer, Speaker & Nutrition Expert
Dr Steven Lin is a dentist with a focus on nutrition and whole body health. Dr Steven Lin

Dr Steven Lin is a dentist and well known health author in Australia.  As a passionate health educator, TEDx speaker and writer, Dr Lin is an expert in the area of the oral systemic connection.

His articles have been featured in national media outlets such as the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age as well health magazine Women's health, online news giant The Huffington Post. He has been published professional journals and trade magazines such as The British Dental Journal, Bite Magazine, The Australasian Dentist, the Australian Breastfeeding Journal as well as online giants Mindbodygreen.

Currently he is writing the publication ‘The Dental Diet’ for International publisher Hay House. You can see more of his work at


Featured in: 


The Sydney Morning Herald

The Age

Woman's Health Australia

The Huffington Post Australia

The British Dental Journal

Bite Magazine

The Australiasian Dentist

The Australian Breastfeeding Review 

Mindbody Green 


BDent (USyd) 


Steven Lin, DDS

Healthcare has become remarkably equipped to treat the symptoms of disease. The challenge is to address the reasons that caused them to happen in the first place.


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