Stories about MS and Falling: Part 2

Continued from Stories about MS and Falling: Part 1

  • "It was hard to admit that my falling was probably part of my MS. It REALLY upsets me when this happens, but it is my family who reminds me that EVERYONE falls sometimes. It just seems like I fall more than other people, and I’ve always got bruises from bumping into something. When things are going smoothly and I am feeling well, I forget to move around consciously, and ‘BAM’, that’s when I fall or get hurt. It’s always a wake up call, which is why I get upset, and even scared. Glad to know I am not in this alone, and I really love this site and knowing you all understand in a way no one else can."
  • "Housesitting a 500-acre cattle property in Queensland, Australia. Glorious walks up hills, climbing rocks, dancing around with calves and friendly cows. Many opportunities for a fall. One day I was standing on a flat surface surveying the lovely green fields dotted with cows when I moved my foot a tad and, splat, I went tumbling down an embankment. Not hurt. Laughing at the incongruousness. MS falls have a habit of sneaking up when least expected. Back to the main house for a little nap..."
  • "My heart goes out to all of you and I understand how you feel. At times I fall frequently and still have not figured out why. The bad thing is I cannot get up by myself and had to dial 911, the longer I am on the floor the weaker I get. I have a chair in my bedroom that helps me up to a sitting position and from there I eventually I can get up. If I fall in the rest of the house I am in trouble, by the time I crawl to the bedroom I am exhausted. My falling maybe tied in with my balance problems and normally I fall backwards and hit my head. Ended up twice in the emergency room. Living alone does not help."
  • "I fall quite often, only one with a broken bone was when I fell on hard floor in bathroom and fractured my ankle. I fell in the bathtub one time, had severe cut to back of head, other times have been bruises and disturbing my confidence. I can not get up when I fall due to lack of strength in my legs, so I have to call my family if I am alone (therefore I carry my cell phone in my pocket)."
  • "Since being diagnosed with MS 16 years ago, I have fallen too many times to count. But last September 2011 was the worst. I tripped on the corner of the carpet and fell and broke my right arm. Two days later while staying at my daughters to recover, I lost my balance and fell sideways and took the dining room chair with me and broke my left arm! It sounds like a nightmare, but it’s true. I had two separate surgeries, a week in the hospital, 17 days in a hospital rehab, two months of physical therapy, occupational therapy. Now I wear a AFO to prevent the foot drop that was making me fall. I’ve learned to slow down, rest when I’m tired, and I no longer fight a nap. Some other things that I have changed is removing rugs, rearranging furniture placement to make it easier to get around, adding grab bars in the bath, and on the tub, using a shower chair (much easier to shave legs) and more relaxing to wash hair. It’s hard to give in to this disease, but you do what you have to do."
  • "I have had only two falls in the past 2 years. I was just walking and fell head first on the pavement, got a glorious black eye. People were so nice to me helping me to get on my feet before my husband knew what happened. Turns out I was chewing gum and walking so it is really true that I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time! Sometimes a little humor can go a long way!"
  • "Falling also plagues me three or four times a month. Used to be much worse but since I now do exercises to improve my balance, the falls have decreased noticeably. The easiest exercise that I do every morning and each night: I stand in front of my footboard (or kitchen or bathroom sink) and take turns trying to balance on one leg. I can always grab the footboard when I start to topple. In the beginning I could only stand a split second on my bad leg. I can now stand several seconds (3 or 4). I have noticed when I am tired I unable to hold the pose at all which tells me how fatigue effects my balance. I found these exercises in my AARP magazine a few months ago; however I am sure there is a great deal of information out there."

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