Stories About MS and Falling: Part 3

Continued from Stories about MS and Falling: Part 2

  • "Just in the last few weeks I have started to realize that I fall quite often! I took a step back in my garden and fell backwards onto my butt; making a simple turn in my house made me go off balance and crash into furniture! This is very frustrating and at times embarrassing! I wish I had an answer! I swim daily, garden & walk…what more can I do to stop all these accidents?"
  • "I have had MS since 1970, so I have fallen a lot. Broken leg, lacerations, fell in pond, etc. About ten years ago I went back to my Canadian crutches; I decided that hurting myself to ‘appear’ normal was not smart. If I am really tired, I use two crutches, and sometimes a walker. If I turn my head fast, I fall. If the ground is uneven, I fall. In the house I am a wall walker and still stumble a lot. My right foot drops when I walk so that makes it a little harder. Nobody cares if I have crutches or not; it is the smile on my face they notice. And I always try to be safe so I don’t put yet another concern line on my husband’s face."
  • "About two months ago I woke up feeling sick to my stomach in my “rush” to get to the bathroom I stubbed my toe and fell smashing my face in to the wall – front teeth went through my lip and made a hole in my chin – not good at all. I know it was MS and I woke from a deep sleep and tried to move too quickly. My spasticity makes me very stiff and when I first wake up, it is awful."
  • "I have a weak left leg and foot drop. That is usually the culprit when I fall. I haven’t fallen often, but enough to make me feel very vulnerable when I walk. Uneven ground is impossible for me. I keep debating about getting a cane, but don’t want to give in to it yet. I am on Ampyra, which seems to help with my walking."
  • "Once you fall, you always feel like it is a possibility. When I’m walking with family, I usually will hold onto someone’s arm. That way I can enjoy the view without having to only focus on where I’m walking."
  • "When I do fall, I just give in to it and don’t fight it. Fortunately I haven’t been hurt (bruised yes, injured no). I’m appreciating my extra padding these days!"
  • "I will fall down alt least once every day or every other day. As I am falling I usually have enough warning and control to make what could have been a serious head-conking into what I call “controlled plops.” Often, I will be bending over (to pet my cats or something like that) and I will try to stand up and my legs just don’t have the strength to stand. I think “I can do this. We can stand up! I’m going to make me stand” and my legs will say “No you’re not!” and give out from under me. I have developed a technique of controlled plopping where as I start to fall, I will fold my legs in so I end up sitting on the floor cross-legged. This makes it look like I meant to do that in the first place and is a great way to disguise those times when my legs decide to take a sudden power nap."
  • "My ankles are very weak and very numb from my MS. I have twisted my ankle 3 times in the last years and I have fallen 2 times in 90 days. I do have new custom braces and they are incredible. People do stare, but I truly do not care! If they ask, I will be happy to explain. I need them or I would be falling, twisting ankles or worse, breaking some bones! My advice is to use your cane, get braces if needed. It is okay! Heck – nobody stares because you may have glasses! We are all different! I am not happy my MS has caused my body to become so weak I need the braces, but I needed HELP."
  • "I was a competitive skater before MS, so I know how to fall! The best thing you can do when you feel yourself falling is to tuck and roll. This means to give yourself a hug and aim for the for the ground either with your shoulder or if possible your hip or rear end. If I feel like I am going down backwards, I try to relax and bend my knees so my rump hits the ground before my head. It has saved me from getting any serious injuries so far."
  • "I fall at least once a week. I walk into walls and door jams. I trip over furniture. I have broken toes from going into the coffee table, so I no longer own a coffee table. Rugs are no longer allowed in my house. I wear flat shoes if any at all. Oh, the joys of MS!!!!"
  • "I have had several falls. I have fallen down a couple of stairs. I just got scrapes on my legs. I fell after I had crossed the road, where I landed on my puppy, scraping my left arm and left leg. I trip on the steps almost every day. I took my 2 dogs out one morning and was watching them, the next thing I knew I was down on the ground facing the other way. I had hit my head. I ended up with a concussion. My husband wanted to blame the dogs, but I blame the MS. I still take both dogs out together and haven’t had another problem like that. I do have problems with my right foot that doesn’t always want to go with me when I walk. I know that’s a foot drop."
  • "On Friday May 11 of this year, as I was leaving my house for work, I thought I would check on one last thing before leaving. I never made it to work that day, and it would be over 8 weeks before I would get back to work. I fell in my kitchen on a perfectly level floor and ended up with my right leg beneath my body. An ambulance was called to take me to a local hospital. The next morning found me in emergency surgery having my patella put back together with plates, screws, and wires. I ended up with an incisional infection and also DVTs in the fractured leg."

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