Stott Pilates Power Paced Fitness Circle DVD Review

The Pilates Tool That Will Change Your Workout

Stott Pilates workout
Power Paced Fitness Circle DVD. STOTT PILATES photography © Merrithew Corporation

The Stott Pilates Power Paced Fitness Circle Pilates DVD is an upbeat, challenging workout. The fitness circle prop is such a great way to add difficulty and variety to your workouts, and the pace will get your blood and breath moving. In addition to great core work, this fitness DVD gives arms and legs a workout, and it doesn't skimp on giving the inner thighs and triceps attention either - two places that are hard to get to.

The Power Paced Fitness Circle DVD is a taste of a next-level Pilates workout. Get warmed up and give it a go.


  • 32 exercises provide a balanced workout
  • Offers inventive ways to use the fitness circle to tone arms and thighs
  • Moira Merrithew, founder of Stott Pilates, is instructor
  • Three models give clear demonstrations


  • A good challenge for the intermediate student
  • Well produces
  • Routine targets the core, arms, legs, thighs and butt
  • Fitness circle adds interest to the workout
  • Includes a "workout with music only" feature


  • No fundamental and safety cues
  • Not all instructions are clear the first time around

Stott Pilates Power Paced Fitness Circle DVD Review

The Power Paced Fitness Circle DVD is a fitness circle workout for intermediate students. There are not a lot of cues or instructions. To workout with this DVD, you have to know what you're doing in terms of Pilates fundamentals and be able to apply that knowledge independently.

Be prepared to keep up the pace. You might need to go through the program a few times before you really get the flow of the workout. One of my favorite features is that once you do get all the exercise instruction, you can choose music only.

This is just the kind of workout I'm looking for when I've got a half hour or so to workout at home and have warmed up with some mat work, but still want to get a quick, real workout in.

The 32 exercises in this DVD are nicely sequenced and make me feel like I've gotten a total body workout.

On occasion, I've brought this DVD with me when I've traveled. I can easily pop the fitness circle and DVD in my suitcase and take them anywhere. They add barely any weight and take up very little room. I use the Stott Pilates Fitness Circle Lite for travel. Stott Pilates also has a heavier version: the Fitness Circle Pro.

Fitness circles go by many names: magic circles, exercise rings, Pilates rings and so on. Joseph Pilates actually invented this piece of equipment and it is traditionally called the magic circle. Regardless of what you call it, these tools can make a huge difference in your workout. Read Before You Buy a Pilates Magic Circle  for shopping tips.

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