Strange Places to Take a Pregnancy Test

An Old Fashioned Phone Call

Pregnancy Test
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"When I was testing, the availability of home tests was limited and those out there were unreliable, expensive, and complicated so most of us in the early '80s still took a urine sample to our doctor or a lab for testing.

"With dd we were traveling (we lived in Charleston, SC but my husband was on a temporary duty assignment in Groton, CT and I was with him). You were supposed to call after 3 p.m. to get results from tests left in the a.m. There were no cell phones then, either (sounds like it was the stone age yet only 28 years ago), so we had to call in for the results from a pay phone. We were in the middle of a community area (theater, banks, stores, etc.) on a military base using the phone - we wanted to hear at the same time so we were both huddled over the receiver, and when they said positive we started jumping and hugging and crying...anyone around us must have thought we had gone nuts. We hung up and immediately called my parents, then my husband's parents, and then our best friends (none of this waiting until 12 weeks for us) so we were on that pay phone for a long time jumping, hugging and crying as we shared the news three times....yep crazy people."


Store Bathrooms

"Bathroom at Target. I was too excited to wait to take the pregnancy test until I got home." - Robin

"Bathroom at CVS." - Karen

"I took a test in Wal-mart once." - Amber

"You are not alone.

"As a former employee at CVS (two different stores mind you) it was like an everyday occurrence. "Umm, can I take this back to the bathroom with me?" was a normal question for me. I always wondered when the girls came out what the results were, especially those that looked about 12 years old."


Sneaking the Cup Around

"My personal strangest was not so much the testing (in my bedroom) was sneaking my cup of pee around the house when my in-laws were visiting. I had to hide it in my wardrobe for a while."


College Pregnancy Tests

"I got my positive test for Levi in my college dorm room bathroom. And one other time I took one in the bathroom of the student union!"

- Amber

Not Able to Wait for a Pregnancy Test

"I totally hear you about not being able to wait! With my second, my 1-year-old and I picked up a test after walking to Walgreens, but on the way home I got impatient and ducked into a Family Dollar restroom to take it, dd right there in the stroller next to me and everything. That little line appeared in the fastest flood of purple you've ever seen! It was like, "Wow! Honey, you're gonna be a big sister!" It was so thrilling, but I wanted to just double check before telling my husband, so we turned around and walked to the local women's clinic and took another that came out positive, then raced our way to the college campus where we used a computer to look up my husband's schedule, then raced to his next class where I caught him while he was sitting at his table waiting for class to start. He told me he was surprised but very glad to see me, and I said, "Thanks, I just thought you'd like a visit from your wife and kids." It took him a minute to catch on but was all hugs and sweetness when he did. With our first, we were just about 100% sure, but couldn't even afford a pregnancy test, so we had to walk to the women's clinic where they gave out free tests and got super lost on the way because we'd never been. We were both so excited when the test came out positive. I felt like a nut case shaking and crying and smiling. The first day of knowing about our pregnancies seemed to involve a lot of walking, then a lot of content exhaustion by the end of the day."

- Waterlight