What This Stranger Did For a Crying Baby On a Plane

baby on a plane
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Each and every time I've been on a plane with a baby, I've been a sweaty, nervous mess.

Would the baby cry? Would every person on the plane hate me? Would we be stuck on a flight for 8 hours with no repose in sight?

On our way home from a family vacation once, our baby really did have a breakdown and screamed for almost a whole hour. Like full-on, writhing, inconsolable screaming when she woke up from a nap as we descended.

Her ears were in pain, she was tired, and had no idea where she was, so in retrospect, her tears made sense, but the experience ruined me for flying with a baby. 

The fact that "apology bags" are a thing--bags that parents will pass out to surrounding plane neighbors in some sort of bribe system in case their baby cries--shows us that we don't really expect that strangers we fly with will be cool with a crying baby. 

Which is exactly why Rebekka Garvison, a mom from Michigan who works as a pharmacy technician, was so surprised when a complete stranger showed her and her baby, Rylee, such kindness on a flight recently. 

In a Facebook post now gone viral, Rebekka shared what happened:

"Something amazing happened to me today and I will never be able to express how grateful I am for it. If anyone has ever traveled with an infant you know how stressful it can be. Today, I was reminded that there truly are absolutely AMAZING individuals in this world even if they are complete strangers to you," she wrote.

Explaining that she had been planning a trip to surprise her husband Nick, she was stressed about flying alone with the baby and all of the stuff that comes along with having a baby.

"As soon as we got on the plane at 5:30 AM it was very quiet and it was a full flight," she explained. "I noticed that the two seats next to me were taken and this couple looked very annoyed and I could tell by their body language sitting right next to me that they weren't thrilled about sitting next to Rylee."

Her fears came true when her daughter started crying just as the plane was about to take off. Rebekka decided to move up to some more empty seats and then, found herself sitting next to someone she described as an "amazing woman."

When Rylee wouldn't stop crying no matter what her mother did to try to comfort her, instead of rolling her eyes or sighing an exasperated sigh or getting up and moving seats, the stranger, singer and actress Nyfesha Miller, instead asked the distraught mother if she could help.

What happened next is amazing.

"As soon as she had her, Rylee was looking out the window and stopped crying," Rebekka said. "When we got in the air she fell right asleep and slept in her lap the whole flight until we got to our gate."

Even more incredible, Miller insisted that caring for the baby was no problem at all and even "comforting" to her. (Um, yes, I agree with her on this one--a sleeping baby is the most comforting feeling in the world!)

When they got off the plane, Miller even carried the baby off the plane so Rebekka could gather the stroller and car seat. "Nyfesha Miller, you will never understand how happy this act of kindness has made my family," Rebekka wrote on her post.

"You could've just rolled your eyes and been irritated like everyone else, but you took her and held her the entire flight and let me get some rest and peace of mind. It brought tears to my eyes while I sat there and watched you and Rylee sleeping next to me. I just couldn't believe how that ended up working out and how caring you were to us. Thank you SO much!!God bless you!"

Nyfesha Miller made a beautiful choice and she is glad she did. "Although this simple encounter wasn't expected to expand worldwide news & more, my hope is that people continue to extract the good in knowing, kindness really does go a long way," Miller wrote on her Facebook page.

"I wasn't feeling my best when boarding that early plane on Thursday morning , but it didn't stop me from seeing a need to help a fellow mom. While being kind shouldn't warrant public acknowledgment or accolades, it's been clear that our society lacks a great deal of it being noticed. In the midst of unbearable and harrowing news most days, I'm proud to have contributed to something refreshing and inspiring to others. Remember guys, love & kindness sees no color or judgment."

I love this story so much and I hope that the next time we find ourselves on a plane next to a crying baby, we can all be as kind as Miller was. 

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