Effects of Stress on Your Health

Stress and Heart Health, Longevity, and Overall Wellness

Stress can affect your entire body and exacerbate can health issues you may have. Learn more about the effects of stress on your health. Photo from iStockPhoto.com

Stress can come from many sources, and affects virtually all aspects of health. The double-whammy of stress is that it can originate from other health conditions, and can negatively affect these health conditions, creating a downward spiral of sorts. The following is a list of various conditions ranging from inconvenient to seriously threatening, that can both cause stress and be negatively affected by it.

This is not a complete listing, but those listed below are all significant in how they impact stress levels. Learn more about stress and the health conditions below, and see what you can do to maximize your wellness.

Everyday Issues

Stress can be part of our everyday lives in ways we don't always notice. Here are some of the ways stress can affect our health by impacting our daily habits, or can affect us in subtle ways. Learn more about the role of stress in your life, your overall health, and your everyday habits.

Diet Fatigue: When Losing Weight Causes Stress
The anxiety and frustration caused by your diet can actually cause you to gain weight. Weight loss expert Malia Frey has all the information you need so you can learn about common causes of weight loss stress, know how to manage your diet and exercise program, and reach your goals.

Dermatologist Talks About the Link Between Stress and Acne
Many adults face breakouts of acne, particularly during times of stress.

Angela Palmer interviewed a doctor who is both a board-certified dermatologist and clinical psychologist to get the skinny on the link between stress and acne. Richard Fried, M.D., Ph.D., weighs in on the effects stress has on our skin and, more specifically, stress and acne.

The Stress of Being Sick
Getting a cold or the flu is never fun, and can actually be quite stressful (as anyone who has ever been sick already knows)!

Kristina Duda, R.N., cold and flu expert can tell you more about the stresses of sickness, and how to manage them.

Stress and Teen Acne
As we all know, acne can be even more of an issue for teens! How much does stress impact acne in teens? And what can be done? Angela Palmer, acne expert has research you should see.

Cortisol and Longevity: How This Stress Hormone Affects Your Health and Lifespan
What are the benefits and detriments to cortisol, the "stress hormone?" And how can cortisol affect your longevity? Sharon Basaraba, longevity expert, has answers, and tips to help you manage stress.

Stress and Health Issues

As I mentioned, stress can affect your body and health in a wide array of ways, and some of them can be pretty serious. It's difficult to always know if stress is a cause or a certain condition or if it just makes things worse--and how much worse. It's also important to know how stress contributes to your risk of more serious conditions when the effects may be significant but not immediate. Below are some important issues to know about.

IBS and Stress
How is your brain connected to your gut? How do the physical changes that accompany the stress response affect IBS symptoms? Barbara Bradley Bolen, Ph.D., IBS expert, has answers to these and other questions that relate to stress and IBS.

Does Stress Cause Inflammatory Bowel Disease?
As with IBS and Crohn's Disease, it is difficult to know whether stress is a cause, a by-product, or merely a symptom-exacerbating agent when it comes to Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Amber J. Tresca, IBD expert, can tell you more about the link between stress and IBD so you know how to minimize your symptoms.

Does Stress Trigger Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Many people wonder about the connection between stress and chronic diseases like arthritis. Is stress a cause? Or does it just worsen the symptoms? Carol Eustice, arthritis expert, has answers. Learn the facts about the link between stress and arthritis, and find tips for minimizing some of the challenges you experience in daily life.

Stress and Heart Disease
If you've heard that stress causes heart disease, you're right--partially. Certain types of stress are actually good for your heart health, while other types of stress can indeed negatively affect your heart. Richard N. Fogoros, M.D., heart health expert, can tell you about the types of stress to watch out for so you can learn to manage your stress and protect your health.

Special Issues

Certain issues aren't experienced by everyone, but are important to those who are affected, either through genetics (by gender, for example) or lifestyle (smoking or being a caregiver are examples of this). Below are some special circumstances where stress is a factor. If one of these issues is a part of your life, learn how you can protect yourself from the negative effects of stress.

Stress and Pregnancy
What are the risks and negative effects of stress on pregnancy? And what can you do to reduce the risks? Pregnancy expert Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE, has important answers that every pregnant woman should see.

Stress and Risk Factors for Breast Cancer
What is the connection between stress and breast cancer risk? Breast cancer expert Pam Stephan can explain to you exactly how stress affects your risk, and how you can manage this stress.

Stress and Smoking Cessation
As most smokers know, quitting is one of the most stressful goals you can work toward. Part of the reason is that smokers tend to use smoking as a stress reliever--when you're quitting, your stress levels are raised and your go-to coping technique is not available either! Smoking cessation expert Terry Martin can explain more about where all the stress of quitting comes from, and what you can do to manage it so you still have a great chance at success.

Coping with the Stress of a Sports Injury
Sustaining an injury can be stressful in many ways. Learn about the challenges, and how to handle those challenges, from Elizabeth Quinn, sports medicine expert.

Caregiver Stress: Help Yourself Help Others
Being a caregiver can be extremely stressful! Learn more about the demands of being a caregiver, and find out how to relieve some of the stress, from Angela Morrow, RN, former death and dying expert.

7 Signs of Caregiver Overload
Being a caregiver can be highly stressful, and this stress can lead to burnout. How can you prevent caregiver burnout? Esther Heerema, MSW, expert to Alzheimer's and Dementia can tell you what to look for and how to prevent yourself from risking burnout or becoming overly stressed.

Anxiety in Adults with ADHD
Coping with ADHD can be challenging for adults, and these challenges can lead to stress and anxiety. Learn about the challenges that can come with ADHD, anxiety disorders that are most common, and what can be done, from Keath Low, expert to ADD and ADHD.

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