Stress Relief Gifts Under $15

Great Gifts, Great Prices: Stress Relief Gifts Under $15

Good things come in small packages, but sometimes good things come with small price-tags, too!  Here are some great stress relief gifts that will cost less than $15, but bring lasting enjoyment and stress relief to your family and friends.  That makes them great gifts for you as well as your recipients!

Zen Candles

Candles bring a sense of peace, and make great gifts!. JGI/Tom Grill/Getty Images

Having a lit candle flickering in a room can bring a peaceful presence to your interactions there.  Beautiful candles can also provide a focus for meditation, or a pleasing scent for stress relief.  (See this research on aromatherapy if you're skeptical about the benefits--I was.)  Candles can shift the mood of a room, and make excellent gifts for those who enjoy a little peace or need some passive stress relief. These also make excellent gifts to have on hand in a gift closet, because they can really be appreciated by just about anyone.

Mental Energizer Aromatherapy Roll-On

Excitement can be a healthy form of stress.
KNSY/Picture Press/Getty Images

I love these aromatherapy roll-ons!  You can dab a little scent on your temples, around your neck, or other areas where you'll be able to enjoy the scent for hours as you go through your day.  You'll feel less stressed without even realizing it!  This is another one that makes a great gift for yourself or for others!


Mehandi Mandala design/Getty Images

 You've probably seen these all over the place by now, and for good reason: they really work for stress relief, and they're fun!  And the great thing about them is that many people wouldn't buy them for themselves, but would love to enjoy them if they had one--the recipe for a perfect gift.  (They are surprisingly fun for non-artists.)  There are many to choose from, and a set of pens to go with it makes a nice alternative to a bow.


Stress Relief Bath Products

Close-up of feet in bubble bath
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Setting up a home spa can be as simple as having a few candles and the right stress relieving bubble bath.  Creating a custom-made gift basket with bubble bath, candles, and lotion can be a thoughtful gift, but even a simple bottle of bubble bath can suggest the rest.

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