Stress: The Importance of Social Support, Sleep, And Rest

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Sometimes when people are chronically stressed about something, they say they're 'sick and tired' of it--not just stressed by it. That's always seemed like a figurative term, but new research confirms what many have been saying for years: stress--especially chronic stress--can indeed make you 'sick and tired'! (Well, to be exact, stress can make you tired, and then sick, but we'll get to that.)

First, the basic details of the study: researchers at the Occupational and Environmental Health Division of Wayne State University distributed surveys among patients at four primary care centers and analyzed the 315 responses for indicators of the relationship among stress, fatigue, and perceived health.

They also analyzed the impact of select stress resiliency factors including sleep, recovery, and social support. They found that there was indeed a relationship between fatigue and perceived health outcomes, and that stress could lead to this fatigue. The positive effects of sleep, recovery, and social support on fatigue, stress, and perceived health were validated in their research.  In other words, getting enough sleep, getting some down time, and having adequate social support can all be important for stress relief.  

Most of us don't necessarily need research to tell us that stress, especially chronic stress, can make us feel tired and run-down, and that when we feel this way, we tend to get sick more easily. However, this research does indeed add fuel to the argument that stress management is an important part of overall wellness and health maintenance, and that any stress relief activities we introduce into our lives can be good for us in more ways than one.

This research also validates the importance of leaning on good friends in times of stress.

The following resources can help you with basic stress management, and some of them may introduce you to stress relieving activities you've yet to try. See what change you can make in your life this week--even if it's small!--to reduce stress and fatigue, and enhance your overall health and wellness.

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