What Is the Stupidest Comment You've Heard about MS?

You are not alone in hearing dumb remarks about your MS...

There have honestly been a few days that I think that the worst thing about having multiple sclerosis (MS) is hearing what others have to say to me about it.

I am not as bothered by some to hear "But you look so good..." as it seems like the alternative ("Wow. That explains why you look so terrible. I thought it was something worse.") would be much more of a bummer. I think what really bothers me the most are the people that tell me in the middle of summer or in the middle of a relapse, "I know exactly how you feel.

I get tired, too!" I wish I had a pithy response, but usually this just makes me feel so lonely and angry that I keep my mouth shut.

Wondering if I was alone in this matter, I asked some of you to share your "favorites." Let me tell you, there are some doozies here! Check it out for yourself by following the link below.

See the responses: What is the stupidest thing someone has said to you about MS?

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