Stylish Breast Pump Bags

Breast pumps are not the most stylish thing around. The standard for years has been the Medela black back pack, with only a few variations. As breast pumps became covered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), one of the things that was done to cut costs was to separate the breast pump from the bag that carried it. This left mothers scrambling to figure out how to carry their breast pump in a functional and stylish manner that didn't necessarily scream: BREAST PUMP! Here are some of your choices.


This light-weight (less than 2 lbs.) and stylish bag holds your breast pump in a fashionable style. It fits the Medela Pump in Style (with or without a case) and Freestyle, Hygeia, Freemie, Spectra, Ardo and Ameda. It will also hold a Medela Symphony in the main compartment. There are also pockets for personal items like keys, and even your laptop. The storage portion will keep your milk cold for up to six hours with ice packs. The pump storage also has pockets for pictures of baby to view while pumping. This is a functional but stylish bag. It also comes in a variety of styles and colors.


Another version of a breast pump bag is the Nurse Purse. The Nurse Purse has removeable sections to allow for a variety of pumps. The Nurse Purse says it fits most popular electric pump. "The full insert is designed to accommodate all Medela pumps with divided space for the plug. Remove the divider, and you can accommodate wider pumps such as the Ameda, Phillips or Evenflo." It does note that the Spectra and Hygeia Q pumps do not fit within the structured part of the purse. The interior and exterior wipe clean as it's made from nontoxic polyurethane laminate which is free of PVC, BPA, phthalates, and lead. There is space for extra storage within the purse.


This fancier version of the breast pump bag is done in vegan leatherette, making it eco-friendly and cleanable. It has a collapsible pump pocket so that when you are done with your breast pump, the bag lives on more easily. This comes in multiple styles and colors. There is an exterior pocket that will keep items cool or warm for up to four hours. They do not list specific pump models, but the pump portion is 6.25" deep x 6.5" wide x 6.5" high.


The Mamie bag comes in taupe, teal, or purple. It can be used as a cross body or over the shoulder bag by using the adjustable straps. The outer material is made of polyurethane laminate to help for easy clean up. There are sectional dividers with hook and loop fasteners to help you configure what the inner portion of the bag looks like. This helps it fits a variety of breast pumps. It also comes with a detachable cooler to allow you to store liquids. There are also five external pockets, making it great for stuffing all of life's little necessities like your phone or keys. In absence of a list of pumps that fit, here are the bag dimensions: Height/Depth 11.5 inches. length 17 inches, and  width 8 inches.

Before You Purchase a Breast Pump Bag

Be sure that your chosen pump fits the bag. You may also want to think about flexibility, because what if you have a new pump with another baby, the bag still has life left in it. Using a stylish and functional bag might help you be able to get all of the pump parts where they need to be, when they need to be there. It should also be added that this might make a great baby shower gift.

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