Summer Activities for Teens: Week One

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Make This:

Hawaiian Pizza
Pizza, a favorite food of most teens, can be made many different ways. The Hawaiian pizza is a summer favorite of my teens. It is simple to put together and an excellent meal when served with a salad.

Learn How:

Grow tomatoes, hot peppers or a flower.
It gives the soul a boost to grow something from a seed and nurture it.

If your teen does not have access to a garden, give him a pot to grow something in this summer.

  • Growing Hot Peppers

Get Out and Go:

Visit a local park and picnic.
Pack up a blanket, a Frisbee and some good food then head out to your local park. Relax, people watch, play games and talk with your teen. Valuable conversation happens when families take the time and do simple things together.

Craft This:

A Decorative Flower Pot
You can grow your own plant in your own room in a flower pot you decorated. Or use it to hold and organize some of your smaller stuff.

Teens Learn to Cook: Lunch Recipe:

Tortilla Rolls
Variations of meat, cheese and spreads for a tortilla wrap. This type of lunch recipes is great for teens to experiment with as they can try many of the different variations and create their own.

All Teens to Learn to Cook: Lunch Recipes

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