Summer Activities for Teens: Week Two

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Make This:

Fresh Lemonade
There is a lot of nutritious value in lemonade, plus it tastes really good. Another thirst quenching drink for summer that everyone should know how to make. Sure, the mix will work, but allow your teen to make this with real lemons.


Learn How:

Organize your sock/underwear drawer.

Teens have a lot of growth spurts and it is not uncommon for them to keep socks and underwear long past the time that they fit. This is the main reason why this drawer is always packed so full. Have your teen take the time this week to clean it out and organize it. Then mark the calendar to do it again in 6 months. Use the craft below to learn how to keep it organized.

Get Out and Go:

Go biking.
Map out a place your teen can go that is a few miles from home. Once he has biked there, give his some freedom to spend some time away from you and then come home by a certain time. If you are uncomfortable allowing him to go alone, plan for him to take a friend. Not only will he be getting some exercise, he'll be building his independence in a healthy manner.

Craft This:

A Sock Drawer Organizer
The sock drawer is normally a cluttered place for a teen. You can help him keep it uncluttered by completing and using this craft.


Teens Learn to Cook: Lunch Recipe::

Green Salad and Cheese Pita
Green salad is great alone, but even more tasty when paired with cheese on a pita. Your teen will learn how to choose, clean and prepare salads with this lunch recipe.

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