5 Perfect Toys To Entertain Your Baby This Summer

5 Perfect Toys To Entertain Your Baby This Summer

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Thank you to Little Tikes for sending my kids the​ ​Cape Cottage Playhouse to try out for our summer entertainment! 

As a mom of four, I'm both looking forward to summer and dreading it. 

Because with the long, carefree days of summer also come the veryveryvery long, carefree days of summer. And while I'm a big believer in letting kids just be kids and learn to entertain themselves, there comes a day in every mom's life when she needs a few minutes of peace and quiet for her own sanity. So if playing the "quiet game" doesn't exactly work for your baby (darn it and also, tried it), here are a few fun options to keep your little one entertained this summer.

Plus, let's face it--these toys will keep Mom and Dad entertained as well. Pass the juice boxes and say "Cheers!"

A water table

summer table

We bought a little water table last year for my son's 1st birthday and although my husband at first questioned my sanity, he loved it. And I loved it for the hours of entertainment it would provide.

For even littler ones (who maybe can't stand yet), a water table is still a great option to introduce water play. We use the table now with our 10-month-old who still isn't walking--just without the legs.

She loves sitting next to me and splashing in the water and she can "play" right on our deck, so I'm not dragging out the inflatable pool. Plus, she is sitting with me, so I can keep a close eye (and hand) on her at all times.

Little Tikes Treasure Hunt Sand & Water Table, $59.99

Cozy Coupe Sandbox

Every kid needs a sandbox in his/her life. But trust me when I say that I learned the hard way that the key to a successful sandbox is a cover. (Two words: red ants.)

If you're going to go the sandbox route, pick up an option that has a cover and you can thank me later.

Cozy Coupe Sandbox With Cover, $59.99

Cape Cottage Playhouse


I may be biased because I secretly always wanted a playhouse when I was growing up, but it was a top priority to me to get my kids a playhouse that they could enjoy growing up. For my daughter's 1st birthday this summer, she will be getting this dreamy Cape Cottage Playhouse and I'm not sure who is more excited--me or her.

Cape Cottage Playhouse, $129.99

Rocking Horse

rocking horse

The great thing about this rocking horse is that it can be used outdoors during the summer months, but easily washed off for indoor use when the summer fun is over. I love having a little rocking horse for my younger kids so they can join the "big kids" outside on the swing set. They like to feel part of the fun too!

Rocking Horse in Magnenta, $29.99

2-in-1 Snug Swing

baby swing

Last but certainly not least, if you have a swing set in your yard, you will need a baby outdoor swing for your little one. We introduced our daughter last month to the baby swing (at 9 months old) at the park and she absolutely loved it! So, of course, we had to get her her own swing to use at home and it's a lifesaver some afternoons when the "witching hour" hits. A good stroll outside and a few pushes later, and she's giggling away!

2-in-1 Snug N Secure Swing (for ages 9-48 months), $27.99

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