Summer Bucket List for Kids

Have some summer fun checking off these to-dos!

summer bucket list
What's on your preschooler's summer bucket list? Try some of these ideas. Alistair Bergs

Ready for summer? What about some summer fun? Long days, longer nights, both filled with non-stop fun and activities? For sure, but before you get started on your grand warm-weather adventures, you have to plan it out first. But how do you know what everyone wants to do? And how do you keep track of it all? Enter the summer bucket list, a compilation of all the fun things that your family wants to do this summer.

How do you make a summer bucket list? It's easy! One night over dinner (or after, or before, when doesn't really matter!), sit down as a family and figure out what it is you'd like to do. Keep a running list and hang it up on the refrigerator or any location where everyone can see it. (For preschoolers who can't read yet, consider printing out pictures so they get the general idea.)

The great thing about a summer bucket list is that it can be filled with all sorts of activities -- things you've done before and things you haven't. The key to making a good one is to make sure everyone has input and to know that no idea is too crazy, no idea can't be done. Making the list is a way for your family to express what they'd really like to try. And while maybe you can't visit Disney World this summer, you'll know that it's something that your child would really like to do, and you can file that information away for future reference.

Remember too, this summer bucket list should just be a start to your summer fun. While you want to check off as many items as you can, a nice byproduct of having one is that it gets you out of the house with your little one doing fun things. If another idea comes to you while you are out and about, by all means, be spontaneous with your summer fun!

Need help getting started? Check out these ideas. Use as many as you like in your summer bucket list, but be sure to add your own too!

  1. Skip the store and make your own ice cream.
  2. Go fishing on a charter boat.
  3. Have a campfire and roast marshmallows.
  4. Set up the Slip-n-Slide--with shaving cream!
  5. Have a picnic--at breakfast.
  6. On a clear night, lay down on the ground and stare up at the stars.
  7. Dress up in your nicest clothes, head down to the beach or a lake and take a family picture--make sure to get your feet wet!
  8. Spend a lazy afternoon playing nothing but board games.
  9. Hold a scavenger hunt in your backyard.
  10. Go to an amusement park.
  11. Plant your own garden.
  12. Have a bubble-blowing contest.
  13. Freeze your own ice pops.
  14. Visit a farmers market and promise to try a new food.
  15. Play in the rain.
  16. Make a time capsule.
  17. Go mini-golfing.
  18. Visit a playground you've never played on before.
  19. Run through the sprinklers -- all of you!
  20. Go to a "pick-your-own" farm and bring home some fruits and vegetables. Be sure to make something delicious!
  21. Camp in the backyard.
  22. Read 20 new books.
  23. Go to an outdoor concert. Try to choose a genre of music you usually don't listen to.
  24. Do a big puzzle together as a family.
  25. Make homemade lemonade. (Maybe even set up a stand!)
  1. Make matching tie-dye t-shirts (or sweatshirts, or socks!) for the family.
  2. Go to story time at the library.
  3. Visit the zoo. Be sure to time your visit when you can feed the baby animals!
  4. Start a new summer family tradition, such as going for a walk every night after dinner.
  5. Participate in a neighborhood cleanup.
  6. Spend the afternoon washing the family cars together.
  7. Go camping.
  8. Visit the local pool or sprinkler park.
  9. Jump in the car and let the kids dictate where you go by shouting out directions.
  10. Go on a hike.
  11. Hit the lake and feed the ducks.
  12. Visit an animal shelter and spend an afternoon with the puppies.
  1. Have dessert for dinner.
  2. Gather seashells and paint them.
  3. Buy ice cream from the ice cream truck the next time it drives around your neighborhood.
  4. Catch fireflies.
  5. Go to a parade.
  6. Choose a local historical site and visit it for the day.
  7. Plan a day at the nearest big city. Play tourist!
  8. Run barefoot on the grass.
  9. Watch a fireworks display.
  10. Go to a magic show.
  11. Make your own pizza night for dinner.
  12. Dig in the dirt. Who can make the best mud pie?
  13. Have a water balloon fight!

Don't forget to add ideas that are specific to your neighborhood!

Still looking for ideas for summer fun? Check out our list of Summer Activities for Bored Kids. Have a great summer!

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