Summer Camps That Will Satisfy Every Interest of Gifted Kids

Learning Archery at Summer Camp
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Are you considering a summer camp for your gifted child?  No? Maybe you should! Summer camps can provide gifted children with opportunities they can't get at school, or even at home. They can delve into their favorite subjects and activities or they can experience new ones. And perhaps most importantly, they have an opportunity to spend time with other kids like them, kids who share their interests and who may also be gifted.

If you are thinking about sending your child to summer camp, which one should you send her to?  Here are some excellent camps.

Why send a child to a summer program?

There are 5 good reasons to send your child to summer camp. Two top reasons, in my opinion, are that they provide the intellectual challenge that gifted children crave and they provide opportunities for gifted kids to spend time and form friendships with other gifted kids. Finding true peers is extremely important with these children. While those two reasons would be enough, they aren't the only ones!

Top Summer Camps for Gifted Children

These summer camps are among the best because they are designed specifically for gifted kids or they focus on topics that so many gifted children enjoy, such as arts and sciences. If you are looking for a summer camp for your child, this is a good place to start looking. However, other excellent summer camps are also available for kids with interests in math, art, language, and science.

Arts and Humanities Summer Camps for Gifted Children

Verbally gifted kids and kids with artistic ability don't usually have many opportunities in school to pursue their interests in language or art and music. Several summer camp opportunities do exist for these kids, including those that offer classes in music, dance, theater, painting, and much, much more.

Where else can your daughter learn and perform Shakespearean plays? The downside to some of these camps is that they come with a hefty price tag. Keep that in mind as you browse through the camps and programs they have to offer, but don't let it stop you from looking!

Math and Science Summer Camps for Gifted Children

Mathematically gifted kids often don't have the opportunity to do advanced math during the school year, so going to a summer camp that offers that opportunity is perfect for them. Kids with a deep love for and appreciation for science will welcome the opportunity to attend a summer camp devoted to the study of science. Some offer programs in techology, robotics, web design, digital art and music, computer game design, chemistry, forensics, physics...there are just too many subjects to list!

Earth Science Summer Camps for Gifted Children

Some gifted children are concerned about the earth, so camps that focus on the earth sciences are ideal for them. These camps include programs in ecology, marine biology, oceanography, archeology, botany, biology, crime science, and even survival skills.

Kids with a love of the outdoors and everything related to it would love one of these camp experiences.

Space Camp - An Ideal Program for Gifted Children Who Love Outer Space

Space camp has its own page because it is a special kind of camp - or maybe it's just special to me because my son and I attended for a parent/child weekend. Part of what makes space camp so special is that the programs are held at Space Centers, such as the one in Huntsville, Alabama. Children as young as 7 can "train" on the same kinds of equipment our astronauts use for training. The experience for kids with a fascination of space and the whole universe not only learn about space, but about being an astronaut as well.

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