Getting Ready for Back to School During the Summer

Essential strategies for back-to-school success to think about now

Around mid- to late summer, as your thoughts slowly turn to getting your child ready to go back to school, you can begin taking some steps to ensure a smooth transition to school routines. Whether your child is starting kindergarten or going back to grade school, try these ideas to get your family ready to hit the ground running when fall comes.

Establish a good bedtime routine.

mother and daughter reading in bed
Reading is a great part of a bedtime routine. Blend Images - KidStock/Getty Images
Making sure your child sleeps enough is an essential part of school success. If you’ve been edging toward a later bedtime during the long days of summer, try these tips for setting up a good bedtime routine for the school year.

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Avoiding Summer Brain Drain

Whether you have only a week or more than a month left of summer vacation, you can get your kids’ minds active and ready for learning. Find some fun and brain-stimulating activities to do together. You can make learning a part of everyday routines or special trips, such as to a museum or library. Read about some easy ways to help your kids avoid summer brain drain and get their minds prepared for going back to school.

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A Daily Dose of Books

Katherine Lee
Even if he’s old enough to read on his own, reading together with your grade-schooler every day is an excellent way for you to spend time together. Best of all, when you share a book, you are building a love of reading in your child that is likely to carry into adolescence and beyond. As your grade-schooler gets older, he will transition from learning to read to reading to learn. Here are some great ideas for how to foster a love of books in your child.

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Set up a A Quiet Area for Reading/Homework

Setting up a homework area can help kids work. Jupiterimages, Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
Even kindergarteners get homework these days, and older grade-schoolers definitely need a quiet place to call their own where they can do their homework. The designated homework/reading area can be a corner of the kitchen counter or a desk in his room. What matters most is that it is a place he can use regularly to do his work everyday. Read these tips on how to set up a comfy and quiet place for your child to do his homework.

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Stock Up on School Supplies

Shopping for school supplies can be much less stressful -- not to mention a lot easier on the family budget -- when you start early and take the time to look for bargains. What are some other ways to save time and money when stocking up school supplies? Read this article for some insider tips.

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Build New Friendships

Some kids naturally make new friends easily while others are slower to warm up to people they don’t know. Whether your child is entering kindergarten or going back to school to meet new classmates and reconnect with old pals, read about ways you can steer your child toward good friendships.

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Practice Good Morning Routines

No time for family dinners? Breakfasts count, too!. Getty Images/ONOKY - Eric Audras
Streamlining your morning routine will give you a great start to your day. With just a few adjustments to your schedule, you can make sure that you get to school on time once classes start again. By keeping these tips in mind and practicing some of them even before school starts, you will be ready to get out the door in time so that your child gets to school early for his first day back to school.

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