Summer Science Activites for Kids

Fun science activities for the summer months

Tug of War at Summer Camp

If your child loves science, then make good use of the summer months and enjoy these summer science activities.

Build a Bubble-Powered Rocket!

This is a fairly easy rocket to make using a few simple items like paper and antacid tablets. Younger kids will need some help.

Launch a "rocket" from a spinning "planet."
This is so cool, but you need to find a playground that still has a merry-go-round since it functions as the spinning planet!

Experiment with Splashy Science
What preschooler doesn't like to splash around? Take advantage of their enjoyment of splashing by engaging them in these very simple "experiments."

Create a Fish Art Print!
This activity is really cool! You use real fish from the supermarket (or that you caught) and use them to create fish "prints." When you're done, you get to cook the fish for dinner! Fire up the grill!

Make a Better Paper Airplane
This activity is for the older kids (middle school and even high school), although you could have some fun with the younger kids if you're good at folding different paper airplanes.

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