The Best Seasonal Fruits to Eat This Summer

How do you describe in-season fruit? Fresh, juicy, delicious, and healthy, with vibrant colors and naturally sweet. Fruit can be part of a meal, it can be a snack, or it can be a sweet treat. Fruit treats can be healthy as long as you watch what you are adding to them. There are endless opportunities to add fruit, which is packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, into an overall healthy diet, which can reduce the risk of developing some chronic diseases.

Some of the in-season fruits for summer are listed below, along with ways to prepare them. Of course, whole fruit with no added ingredients is always a delicious option.

  • Blackberries and blueberries: When you’re tired of eating these beauties fresh, or if you just want a cool treat, a smoothie is a great choice.
  • Cherries: These are as yummy as candy according to most kids, so they likely won't last very long in the house. But another option for eating them is pitting fresh cherries and layering them with unsweetened low-fat yogurt (with honey to taste). 
  • Peaches and plums: These are delicious when grilled and can be served as a side dish or as dessert.
  • Raspberries: Besides adding raspberries to smoothies and to yogurt, you can try a delicious and nutrient-packed pudding.
  • Strawberries: Turning a fruit into a delicious and healthy frozen treat? Yes, please. Just blend 12 medium strawberries in your blender, then layer your strawberry puree and plain Greek yogurt into popsicle molds for a mouth-watering strawberry creamsicle popsicle.
  • Watermelon: Summer months would be so difficult without refreshing watermelon. To put a different spin on a classic, make frozen watermelon pops. Just cut your watermelon into strips, insert a popsicle stick, and freeze on a cookie sheet. Then enjoy on a hot summer day.

Most seasonal fruits can be skewered to make an instant fabulous fruit kabob treat for kids and adults alike.

Serve it alone or with a yogurt dipping sauce.

If you find that you can’t eat all of your fresh fruit before it spoils, try washing then portioning into amounts you’d use in smoothies, parfaits, or muffins, then freezing for later use.

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