Summertime Safety Tips

You Can Have Fun and Be Safe at the Same Time

Kids at beach
Photo by Chelsi Hornbaker/USFWS

Summertime is a great time to be outside. It's sunny and hot, and the kids are out of school. Whether you choose to stay in the backyard or take the boat out for a ski trip, staying healthy is easy, but there's always the chance you or the kids could get hurt. Take some easy precautions to make sure your summer is as safe as it is fun.

Learn about the safety of summer before you need it.


Whether it's the weather, the grill, or Fourth of July fireworks, heat is the word of the season.

Too much of it, especially in humid conditions, sucks the water right out of your system. To know if you're drinking enough fluids, look for dehydration symptoms like weakness, dizziness, headache and dry mouth.

In addition to dehydration, if you don't watch your temperature you run the risk of heat illness. Heat exhaustion comes from a combination of dehydration with an elevated core body temperature. It looks a lot like dehydration, but the patient is also very hot. If left untreated, heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke, a potentially fatal condition.

Burns are also a sign of summer. Sunburns and thermal burns are treated very similarly, but they come from different sources. Sunburns are caused by radiation from the sun. They're more common in the summertime, but you can get a sunburn anytime you're in the sun, even on the ski slopes in the dead of winter. Thermal burns are caused by heat.

Thermal burns are what you get from a hot grill.

To avoid burns from Independence Day celebrations, you should always keep the kids on the sidelines. Adults should choose between drinking the booze and lighting the fuse. Follow these fireworks safety tips to keep all your fingers attached to your hands.


Warm, sunny weather not only brings you outside, it's a call of the wild for all sorts of critters. Spider bites are more common during warm weather, as are dog bites. Snakes, ticks and other bugs are also a bit more feisty in the summer months.


Besides the heat and the wildlife, just being outside and being active can lead to injuries. By all means, get out and get moving, but be ready to handle broken bones and bleeding.

Swimming is one of my family's favorites. We spend hours in the pool and at the beach, but safety is always a huge part of our summer fun. It's possible to be safe and have a great time, too.

No matter what your favorite summer pastime is, make sure you are prepared to handle whatever unexpected things come your way.