Super-Fun Paper Robot Craft for Boys

Easy Make-Your-Own Paper Robot Craft for Boys

crafts for boys - robot paper crafts
Boys will love assembling paper shapes to create these cool robots. Katherine Lee

Boys just love to assemble things. These colorful and cute paper robots are super-easy to make, and require nothing but some paper cut into different shapes and some googly eyes. How easy is that? And when kids are done making these robot buddies, they can play with them; you can even encourage them to use their imagination and create a whole science-fiction story about robots and act it out--the craft sticks are perfect for holding these robots to act out a play. (Note: Girls will love making these and playing with them, too!) 

Gather the materials to make the paper robots.

crafts for boys - materials to make paper robots
With just a few simple supplies, you can make these cute paper robots. Katherine Lee

Here are the few simple materials you'll need to make these cute and colorful paper robots:

  • colorful paper
  • circle punches (If you don't have circle punches, just use any round object, like a bottle, that's around the house and trace it to cut out circles.) 
  • craft Popsicle sticks
  • googly eyes
  • glue dots or glue
  • scissors

Cut out fun shapes to make these paper robots.

crafts for boys - shapes to make paper robots
Make fun shapes to create paper robots. Katherine Lee

Cut paper into fun shapes with your child so that he can begin to assemble his robots. For each robot, you'll want a head, a body, and arms and legs, plus an antenna or two for the top of the head.

Your child can assemble his robot.

crafts for boys - begin assembling the paper robot
Your child can glue his robot together. Katherine Lee

Once your child is ready to assemble his robot, glue the head to the body first, and then glue the body to the craft stick. Then add arms, legs, and an antenna. Next, add eyes, hands (a circle cut into two halves) and a panel for the front, if he wants.

He can also add a smile, buttons or dials in the front, or stickers--how he wants to decorate his robot will be up to him. 

Adorable, no?

crafts for boys - finished paper robot
Here is a finished paper robot. Katherine Lee

And here you have an example of a finished paper robot. Your child can create a whole team of robots in different colors and shapes, and when he's done, he can play with them. And don't forget to join in on the fun: Research shows that playing with your child is good for your child's development and health and happiness. 

Some more ideas for cute and colorful paper robots.

crafts for boys - cute and colorful paper robots
Here are some more ideas for cute and colorful paper robots in all kinds of different shapes. Katherine Lee

And here you have a team of colorful and adorable paper robots, ready for a child to create stories and adventures with. Make a batch with your child and see what adventures await you! 

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