Surviving Cabin Fever When You Have a Tween

Being cooped up for days can be frustrating for parents, here's how to survive

Don't go crazy with cabin fever. Plan activities, time alone and projects for your family.

 It happens to every family at one time or another, cooped up for days together at home, you're finding that you're experiences maybe a little too much time together. It doesn't matter if you're stranded at home due to illness, snow, or even to measurably hot temperatures, cabin fever can make family members testy and even the most patient of parents can find themselves loosing their cool. If you're worried about cabin fever setting in at your home, the tips below will help you get through it.


Cabin Fever Cures and Prevention for Parents

Have Activities Ready to Go: You know that at some point during the year you and your family will likely be cooped up in the house for a few days at a time. It might be the weather or an illness, or it could be a long winter or holiday break that keep you home, but the key is to provide your child with a few fun activities that you have ready to go. Set aside a few board games or craft projects that your children can enjoy when they're bored. You might also want to set aside something for you to do, too, such as assemble a family photo album, writing a few letters to out-of-town relatives, or organizing your closet or pantry. Keeping occupied is key when you can't leave the home for days at a time.

Make Sure Everyone Has Alone Time: People need the company of others, but they also need some time alone to regroup. Prevent family members from clashing by making sure your family has a little time alone each day.

Ask them to read for a while, or spend a few minutes a day just relaxing in their room by themselves. Be sure you take advantage of these moments by regrouping yourself, or by enjoying a book or a prerecorded television show. If everyone has a few minutes alone each day you're likely to prevent a few arguments or disagreements.


Don't Be the Housemaid: If your entire family is home together you know it will be difficult keeping everything clean and tidy. Make sure you don't end up picking up after everyone, playing the housemaid while everyone else kicks back. Ask your tween to pick up his room and be responsible for his own messes. You might even consider asking your child to take on a chore, such as cleaning out the downstairs closet or reorganizing to garage. 

Find a Fun Project: A fun project that you and your tween can enjoy together will help pass the time. Consider spending time doing something fun, such as researching possible summer camps for your child, or making a list of fun things to do when the weather is better. 

Get Some Exercise: One of the best ways to prevent cabin fever is to get a little exercise. Be sure you and your tween spend a little time each day getting fit. You can stretch while watching television, or create your own family exercise routine. You could even find a few good workouts online or have fun exercising by organizing a dancing competition or in indoor hula hoop competition.

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