Taking Charge as CEO of Your Life

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What would it take for you as someone with vision loss to become the Chief Executive Officer of your life? Do you have what it takes to put you right at the top of your personal game?

Let me give you a hint how successful CEOs do it.

They take a different approach to managing  frustration on a daily basis. They take notice of when it is about to take charge of their life – and turn things around to work for them instead.

To be the best CEO of your life, it is those terrible moments of frustration you will need to keep under control.

If you want to take charge and live a life with a sense of personal empowerment, it helps to see that it is not so much being blind or visually-impaired that is barring your way forward but how you are managing feelings of frustration that hinder your progress.

Truth be told, it IS overwhelmingly frustrating having to live in a visual world when you are losing your sight. Some days are so difficult dealing with limitations that you naturally want to give up, go to bed or retreat into your ‘cave’, dwell on the injustice of blindness and growl at positive people who have no idea of these frustrations.

Being visually-impaired, there are many occasions when I would prefer to express my frustration by stamping my feet and complaining. But this only leaves me feeling defeated, until I realize that I have to take charge of my reactions rather than allow frustration to boss me around.

Put the ‘C’ in CEO

See the benefit in catching your reactions before you boil over. To be an awesome CEO, you are the one to determine your CHOICES. Examine what you are feeling. Become aware of your natural reactions to frustration.

Once you spot the annoyance taking charge of your life again, this is the point of your true power.

You can choose a different reaction. Meet the frustration with awareness which will bring confidence to try again. The ‘C’ in CEO is your Choice.

For instance, what happens in your sudden outburst at yourself or someone else is usually for the smallest of things. It is frustration bubbling under the surface of almost everything you attempt to do these days. Your normal abilities, if you were once visual, are magnified under the new lens of low vision – causing this major frustration.

3 Ways to Go to the Top

  1:Practice Response-Ability:

This is having the ability to respond in a way that empowers your progress. You may not be able to control the diagnosis of blindness setting in but you can control your reaction to the situation.

When you are able to take Response-Ability of your thoughts, attitudes and actions, you begin to take charge, making executive decisions. This is truly empowering because you see how to remove the tight lid of frustration by sharing what is upsetting you in this instance.

When you do, that steady boil of emotions ceases and tenderness of spirit comes.

   2:Gather Your Support Team

People want to help you do more than survive. Their love and admiration is available to encourage you to fulfill your potential. As the CEO of your life, it is your new Response-Ability to accept their offer of assistance.

This is when you shift from being ‘blind’ to being ‘boss’ – the one who knows what you want and the one who can incorporate a team of helpers.

Be open in your communication. Be decisive and inclusive. Look out, world! You’re discovering how team-work will help to achieve your personal and professional goals.

  3: Request Rather Than Demand

You may be excited to learn you have what it takes to be the CEO of your life, and that you can enrol new ‘staff’ but be acutely aware of how you make requests.

You may be flexing new skills as boss of your life and feel ecstatic to have people on board to help you progress, but if you demand their time, rather than tune in to reasonable requests, what can happen is discord in your company. Awkward silences, strained relationships and impractical deadlines.

What you can do instead is to listen to your tone of voice (a powerful tool of the CEO) and choose a good time when the other person feels their needs have been considered too. Be polite, be approachable and be reasonable.

When you incorporate these skills to manage daily frustration, you’re taking a giant leap toward the top of your personal game. Go, you!

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