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Interact With Other Visitors to The Alcoholism Home Page

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The website also offers information about the risk of drinking and drug abuse, and a variety of self-assessment tests and quizzes for those who are trying to determine if they have a problem and need to quit.

From the beginning, the site has also offered information and resources for the friends and family members who are trying to deal with a love one's alcoholism or addiction.

However, one of the key aspects of the website has been to provide the opportunity for visitors to interact with others on the site and share their experience, strength and hope.

Below, are some of the ways that you can talk with others who have found or who are seeking recovery.

Interact With Other Visitors

Alcoholism Forum - Since February 1998, visitors to the Alcoholism site have been able interact with other visitors in our Alcoholism / Substance Abuse Forum, where a group of long-time "regulars" share their experience, and encourage newcomers who are looking for answers or solutions, or simply need to discover they are not alone. The forum is now located at

Online Meetings - Since October 1997, the Alcoholism site has provided chat rooms for members of various 12-step support groups to conduct online meetings and to get together for casual fellowship with others in recovery. Those chat rooms are still active, but have moved to

Share Your Story - Also since the beginning, the Alcoholism Home Page has given people in recovery the opportunity to carry the message to thousands of visitors to the site by submitting their personal stories of recovery to be published on the site.

Make a Difference

Each day, thousands of visitors come to the Alcoholism site looking for answers and solutions. Your story just might provide the answer or encouragement that they need to make a decision that will change their life.

Use the resources above to carry the message to those who are still suffering.

If you save one life, or one family, it will be worth the effort.

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