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Taylor Bluetooth Smart Scale
Taylor Bluetooth Smart Scale. Taylor

The Taylor Bluetooth Smart Scale can help keep your weight loss on track. It measures weight, body fat percentage, body water percentage, muscle mass, and maximum daily calorie intake. You can set a goal and see your weight remaining to your goal.

It transmits data via Bluetooth 4.0 to a mobile app (both iOS and Android). The app shows graphs and details of each measurement and can share data with other popular fitness and health apps.

The scale keeps data for up to eight users.

Features of the Taylor Bluetooth Smart Scale

  • Displays weight to 0.2 lb or 0.1 kg, up to 400 pounds or 180 kilograms or 28 stones 8 pounds.
  • Uses bioelectric impedence to estimate body fat percentage, body water percentage and muscle mass.
  • Can be used by up to eight people.
  • SMARTRACK app shows data and graphs for each measurement.


  • SMARTRACK app connects to other popular heath and fitness apps: RunKeeper, MapMyFitness and MyFitnessPal.
  • Easy set up for Bluetooth connection.
  • Normal/athlete settings for better accuracy.
  • Scale-only mode.


  • Should not be used by those with a pacemaker.
  • App must be launched at time of measurement to receive the data.

Expert Review - Taylor Precision Bluetooth Smart Scale

I only lose weight if I weigh myself frequently and record the weight. I need that feedback to keep me on track. But I also want to ensure I am losing fat and not just water.

I also want to ensure I'm not losing muscle. The Taylor Smart Scale was very useful when I started the Medifast 5 & 1 diet. The fat/water/muscle measurements reassured me that I was actually losing fat.

Recording the measurements with an app is also necessary to keep me on track. I love seeing the graphs and data with the SMARTRACK app, and being able to use other apps to receive the scale data.

Setting Up the Taylor Smart Scale

The scale uses three AAA batteries for power and it has a low battery indicator. Download the app and install it on your mobile device. Register as a user and complete the personal information so the scale can take accurate readings. Gender, height, normal/athlete, age, activity level should be entered for each user. Select the athlete mode if you work out three times per week for a minimum of two hours each session. Now pair the scale with your mobile device.

The scale has a dual line display and a backlight. Step on the scale with bare feet (slightly damp is best for the readings). It reads weight and then uses the bioelectric impedance sensors to take a few seconds to estimate body fat, body water and muscle mass. It scrolls through a display of each measurement on the second line. It will also show the weight remaining to your weight goal if you have set one. More: Body Composition Measuring

To help you set a calorie level for weight management, it gives a daily CAL-MAX number. This is the number of calories you could eat an maintain your current weight. If you wish to lose weight, you should eat fewer calories than that number.

The data is automatically transmitted to your mobile device, but you must have the app open to receive it.

It stores one previous measurement and will transmit both if your app is open when you take the next measurement.

Graphs of Your Weight, Fat, Water, Muscle

The SMARTRACK app displays your weight, body fat percentage, body water percentage, muscle mass percentage and daily calories. The weight, fat and water graphs include an indicator of whether you are in a healthy zone. The graphs can be viewed by week, month, year or all, and you can view the data reading in a list.

Sharing Features

You can share a measurement via email, Twitter or Facebook. If you have enabled other apps to receive the measurements, you can share them through those apps.

Bottom Line

The Taylor Bluetooth Smart Scale has worked very well for me. It is reassuring to know I am losing fat and not just dehydrating or withering away muscle. The measurements and graphs keep me accountable for weight loss, which is a key factor in weight loss success. I want to keep that line headed down, not up, and I want to see the weight indicator reach the green zone!

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Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.